Students worried about increase in security agents on Mutanga campus

The number of security agents on Mutanga Campus has been increased .Some students especially those from the opposition parties say they are worried. The officer in charge of security on campus reassures them.

University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus.

University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus.

“There has been an increase in the number of police officers who ensure security on the campus. What worries me more is that those policemen work together with the youth affiliated to the ruling party CNDD-FDD that beat students who used to enter the campus late in the night,” says a student met on Mutanga Campus.

He says he fears that the increase in number of policemen may cause more violence especially towards students who are affiliated to the political parties of the opposition.

Another student says he worries about students’ security because the police officers keep moving within the campus area. “I am not accustomed to the movement of policemen on the campus. It seems as though there is something dangerous”.

He also says students were not informed about the increase in number of police agents as it was done previously.

Célestin Nibona- Bonasize, the campus security officer reassures. “There is nothing bad in increasing the number of police agents on the campus”.

He says it is normally done and adds that students should rather appreciate that because it is for their security.

Contacted by Iwacu, the representative of students on Mutanga campus promised to express his opinion later.

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