One person seriously wounded by people armed with machetes in southern Bujumbura

Gilbert Bankuwunaze ran into an ambush staged by unidentified people armed with machetes and clubs when he was going home on foot. They wounded him on the head and mouth. The incident occurred in the night of August 29 around 11 pm in Kibenga neighborhood, Muha Commune in south of the capital Bujumbura.

The place where Bankuwunaze was attacked

The place where Bankuwunaze was attacked

These criminals also stole his phones and money. “The victim is suffering a lot as he was beaten black and blue. They wanted to kill him, “said family members of Bankuwunaze.
Kibenga inhabitants say they heard gunshots around 3am, arguing that police officers were pursuing thieves.

They deplore the fact that cases of armed robbery are repeatedly observed in this area. They ask the police to reinforce security in this neighborhood. “Such cases often happen. If the police carry out overnight patrols regularly, they can put an end to these cases of crime, “says one resident of Kibenga.

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