' Heaps of stones extracted from Ntahangwa River, in northern Bujumbura

Construction material extractors and sellers in distress

11-08-2018 In the warm sun, sand, stones and gravel extractors sit along the Ntahangwa River, in north of the capital Bujumbura. They seem to be desperate. They have not been working for a month. “Our families live in extremely difficult conditions since the government suspended the activities of extracting construction (...)
' A crocodile inside “Musée Vivant’’

“Musée Vivant” on the verge of disappearing

09-27-2018 Created to be an excellent display of the artistic, cultural and animal beauty of Burundi in the capital, “Musée Vivant”, a tourist site, is in danger of disappearing if nothing is done. At the entrance of this tourist site almost in the heart of the capital, craftsmen of all (...)
' Lake Tanganyika water colored in green

Green color of Lake Tanganyika waters is natural phenomenon, expert in hydrobiology says

09-11-2018 Lake Tanganyika has a green color since the morning of September10. Some residents of Bujumbura say it is the first time they observe such a phenomenon. They fear that the lake has become polluted. “I’m afraid to touch the lake water since it has become green. I think that (...)
' Houses built around Buterere wastewater management center

Uncontrolled constructions around Buterer wastewater management center to be destroyed?

09-11-2018 The Environment, Interior, Public Security and Public Works ministers conducted a joint visit this September 10, 2018 to see the construction around the Buterere wastewater treatment center. The population around fear the possible destruction of their houses. Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Environment says the government has set up (...)
' sachets

Burundi Association of Consumers denounces ” speculation ” on price of plastic bags

08-22-2018 Two weeks after Burundi president signed a decree banning the import, marketing, manufacture and use of plastic bags, their price has considerably increased. Depending on the type of plastic bags, prices have more than doubled. “This rise is related to the shortage of bags at the points of sale (...)
' The Bujumbura city is swarming with plastic bags

Burundi: Environment activist applauds government decision to ban use of plastic packaging

08-15-2018 “The manufacture, import, storage, marketing and use of plastic bags and all plastic packaging are banned,” reads the presidential decree issued on August 13. “The measure was taken because plastics have a negative impact on the environment, human and animal health,” said Déo-Guide Rurema, Environment Minister at a press (...)
' Seized mosquito nets and canoes are burnt

Lake Tanganyika: “Fighting against illegal fishing sites at all cost”

08-10-2018 Gérard Nyandwi, chairman of the Technical Commission for Security and Lake Navigation says an operation to seize and destroy prohibited materials used in fishing has been launched since June 2017. He says about 300 canoes and 1500 mosquito nets previously intended for the fight against malaria were seized and (...)
' Bush fires destroying a forest in Gisuru Commune, Ruyigi province

Over 300hectares of Ruvubu Nature Reserve burned onset of dry season

07-24-2018 The bush fires have erupted with great density since the beginning of the current dry season compared with the last years, says Epimery Nibizi, the director of forests. He says more than 20 hectares of the Rusizi Nature Reserve have been set ablaze, while more than 250 hectares of (...)
' Plastic bags and bottles at “Kumase” near Lake Tanganyika

Environmentalist calls for use of biodegradable materials to safeguard environment

07-04-2018 While the world celebrates the Plastic Bag Free Day every July 03 to raise the awareness of the impact non-biodegradable plastic bags and bottles have on the environment, plastic materials are still seen everywhere in Bujumbura town. In the western part of Bujumbura at the place commonly known as (...)
' Handshake between the Environment Minister (left) and the FAO representative after signing a partnership agreement.

FAO offers support for preservation of protected areas in Burundi

06-21-2018 The Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has signed on June 20 a partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for a project to ensure environment protection which will last 2 years and cost US $ 300,000. Déo-Guide Rurema, Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and (...)
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