' A hundred pigsties have been destroyed in southern Bujumbura

Complying with water code is must, Environment ministry says

05-09-2017 The local administration, in collaboration with the police, have destroyed a hundred pigsties along the bank of the Kanyosha River in the south of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. The Director General of Water and Sanitation say pig breeders have violated the Burundi water code. In the morning of May (...)
' “Jardin Public” is one of the very few green spaces which are protected in Bujumbura

Uncontrolled constructions threaten green spaces in Bujumbura

04-24-2017 Residents from different neighborhoods of the capital Bujumbura say green spaces, which are currently threatened by unregulated constructions, should be protected. They say that while the world celebrates the Earth Day on 22 April each year. “There are no sufficient spaces for games. Unplanned constructions are the main cause (...)
' Some of buildings concerned with the measure

Eviction by government to send dozens into the street

04-08-2017 Residents of Gasenyi area say the government sends them to live in the street because it evicts them from their homes without compensation. Residents in the area around the new presidential palace to be evacuated decry threat of forced eviction that ignores their rights to compensation. “We are not (...)
' Pupils did not attend classes due to floods that hit their classrooms.

Floods hit again Bujumbura northern areas

04-03-2017 The torrential rain that fell in the afternoon of 2 April claimed the life of one kid and caused a lot of damage. Floods have inundated houses and infrastructures in Kamenge northern neighborhood of the capital Bujumbura. The victims demand that the drainage channels be rehabilitated. Houses, schools, shops, (...)
' “The mango tree protected that home from being completely destroyed”, says Patrice Ndikumasabo.

Bujumbura residents survive fierce wind, but left with no shelter

03-23-2017 The affected residents, who say they are currently sheltered by their neighbours and families, ask for help to rebuild their homes. The fierce wind that gusted across the municipality of Bujumbura destroying homes yesterday night thankfully took no human life. The wind broke out at night when the majority (...)
' The capacity of the waste water treatment plant in Buterere area remains largely underutilized

Waste water, threat to Lake Tanganyika

03-22-2017 On the celebration of the World Water Day which takes place each 22 March, Burundi Ministry of Environment calls on local administrative officials and the population to be involved in the management of wastewater to avoid polluting Tanganyika Lake. Industrial activities such as the discharge of waste oils, various (...)
' Rusizi National Park threatened by illegal fishing

Environment Ministry calls for effective protection of Burundian Forests

03-21-2017 While the world celebrates the International Day of Forests on 21 March of each year, bush fires, agricultural activities, anarchical constructions, illegal fishing, etc. caused by human activities constitute a threat to Burundi forests. Burundi Environment Ministry says a sensitization campaign is the main strategy to preserve forests and (...)
' Flood hits northern areas of Bujumbura, the capital.

Six people die due to torrential rain in Burundi

03-17-2017 Flooding woke inhabitants of Western Cibitoke Province and northern areas in the capital Bujumbura when it invaded their homes on the night of 16 March. Six people died and hundreds of houses were destroyed. On Gafumbegeti zone in Mabayi Commune of Cibitoke Province, five children of the same family (...)
' A woman whose home was inundated by the flood talks to journalists

Flood hits northern areas of Bujumbura

03-04-2017 Inhabitants of Carama, Kanga, Kinama and Gatunguru areas in the capital Bujumbura were awoken by flood that invaded their homes in the night of 2 to 3 March 2017. Officials from the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Public Works and the local administration visited the areas to determine (...)
' The workshop orginised by the environment minister.

Prepare for short growing season, experts warn

02-18-2017 On 16 February 2017, Burundi environment ministry organised a workshop on how to mitigate the impact of the climate change. Theophile Ndarufatiye, the assistant to the environment minister, said climate change is a serious problem. “We are currently witnessing various climatic disturbances all over the world due mainly to (...)