Rain damage risks cutting off Bujumbura from other provinces

More than 130 houses were destroyed as a result of the torrential rain that hit Bujumbura city in the afternoon of 28 January. The National Platform for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management warns that Bujumbura will be cut off from the rest of other provinces if nothing is done immediately as the roads and bridges risk being destroyed.

Residents of Bujumbura city suffer heavy rain damage

“42 houses in Kamenge, 82 in Kanyosha and 15 others in Musaga were destroyed following the heavy rain that fell on 28 January in Bujumbura,” says Anicet Nibaruta, Deputy Director of the National Platform for Risk Prevention and Disaster Management.

He also says that “Lycée de la Convivialité”, a high school in Kanyosha area, is threatened by flooding. “76 houses are flooded in Ngagara area, 54 in Kinindo and several others in Butere ,” adds Nibaruta. The police report also 327 households in Buterere neighborhood that have become homeless following the floods.

Mr Nibaruta says the National Road 7 in Nyabiraba locality and the National Road 1 in Mubimbi area risk being destroyed. He fears that Bujumbura City will be cut off from other provinces if nothing is done immediately.
“The section of National Road 3 is also threatened by landslides while a bridge on National Road 5 will be cut soon.”

Burundi Geographic Institute (IGEBU) had predicted excessive rainfall in Imbo, Mugamba, Bututsi and Kumoso regions in October, November, and December 2019. IGEBU says this heavy precipitation will continue until the end of February 2020.