' «Burundi, Un demi-siècle d’histoire. Emile Mworoha, Pionnier de l’histoire Africaine », title of the book dedicated to Emile Mworoha.

University lecturers dedicate a book to retired Emile Mworoha

05-11-2018 Some lecturers of the university have written a book that they dedicated to Emile Mworoha, Professor at the University of Burundi who retired a few years ago. During the presentation of this book on Mutanga campus at the University of Burundi this Friday 11May 2018, lecturers of the University (...)
' Physical punishment is no longer acceptable in Burundian schools

No Hitting Day: “Teachers should administer corrective punishment,” says unionist

05-01-2018 While the world celebrates the No Hitting Day for Children on 30 April, Burundi Teachers’ Union –STEB appreciates the progress made since the physical punishment on children was abolished. “Some teachers used to exaggerate when punishing pupils until they could faint,” says Rémy Nsengiyumva, STEB chairman. He also says (...)
' Isidore Ntirampeba: “Evening studies will not be suspended but improved”

Burundi: “Civil servants should not claim opportunities after evening degree courses”

03-08-2018 Following the correspondence addressed to the ministries of Education and Labor, the Office of the Second Deputy President urged them to identify civil servants who pursue or had completed the evening studies by 15 March. Isidore Ntirampeba, Spokesperson for the Second Deputy President’s Office says the government wants to (...)
' JanvièreNdirahisha: “I oppose evening education because students do not study accordingly.”

Burundi: Evening programs in private universities to be cancelled

01-24-2018 In a meeting that she held with University representatives this 23 January 2017, Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education and Scientific Research reminds that evening education in the universities has to be cancelled. She says the Bachelor Master’s Doctorate (BMD) system was implemented to promote and enrich education. Minister Ndirahisha (...)
' Teenage girls at school

8% of adolescent girls fell pregnant in Burundi, reveals ISTEEBU report

01-19-2018 Eight percent of teenage girls fall pregnant early in the country, reveals the 3rd 2016-2017 Demographic and Health Survey conducted by Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (ISTEEBU). Ignorance about reproductive health is one of the main causes. Teenage pregnancy rate is high at 10% in urban areas, (...)
' Students  during the break

Delay in getting teaching materials in post-basic schools to affect learning

01-11-2018 The basic education system is still faced with some challenges. Post-basic classes have not yet got teaching materials which are given per trimester. This may affect the whole year program and students’ learning in general. Kelly Kaze, a student in the second year post-basic school, fears that this delay (...)
' Janvière Ndirahisha: “It’s better to have relevant information before applying for e-learning programs”

Beware of e-learning, warns Education Minister

01-05-2018 Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education has recently alerted students and parents who applied for virtual learning that they must have relevant information before applying. “All parents having children who wish to pursue their studies through e-learning in foreign universities, institutes and foundations whether in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania or (...)
' Students  during the break

One-week holiday not enough to start well another term, say pupils

01-03-2018 All public and private schools have started the second term of 2017-2018 school year this 2 January. At Lycée Gisenyi, a boarding school located in the capital Bujumbura, pupils were coming in twos and threes. Nunu Jacqueline, headmistress of the school, says students are few due to the last (...)
' Emmanuel Mashandari: “This is a hasty decision which may negatively affect school results”

Shortening holidays for primary and secondary pupils may affect school results

12-06-2017 The Ministry of Education has recently decided to shorten holiday periods in primary and secondary schools. Education professionals say this decision may negatively affect school results. Jeanine Ihorihoze, Managing Director at the Education Ministry, said there is a need to increase the teaching period in order to complete the (...)
' Poverty in families is the leading cause of cases of school dropout

Over 20 thousand pupils drop out of school in Ngozi

11-03-2017 School drop-out rate increases in Ngozi Province. Parents say they are worried. Around 20,555 school children dropped out of school in Ngozi Province during the 2016-2017 school-year. The number of boys who abandoned their studies amounts to 10,534 while girls are 10,021. For the post-basic school, the rate also (...)
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