' “Eglise Vivante” church called to elect its new representatives.

“Eglise vivante” church called on to elect its new representatives

08-21-2018 In the correspondence by the Ministry of the Interior, the government calls on the representatives of « Eglise vivante» church to organize an inclusive general assembly and elect new representatives. “Under Article 29 of the law governing religious denominations, Pastor Edmond Kivuye and Arthémon Simbananiye can no longer represent (...)
' National Assembly asks for support from Catholic Church

National Assembly asks for support from Catholic Church

11-21-2016 The closing of the year of Divine Mercy that was opened by Pope Francis last year on the 8th of December 2015 took place at Mont Sion Gikungu on the 20th of November In Bujumbura. All bishops of the Catholic Church and some government officials notably Pascal Nyabenda, Chairman (...)

UGANDA – 1,500 ex M23 fighters on the run

01-01-2015 Approximately 1,500 former M23 fighters,who were being held in a military camp in Western Uganda have escaped and gone on the run in Uganda, just prior to their scheduled repatriation back to the DRC. The rebels, who feared for their safety if they returned, fled as trucks arrived to (...)

KENYA – Al Jazeera in trouble under the new Kenyan anti-terror bill

12-31-2014 The Kenyan Government has filed an official complaint to Al Jazeera after the news channel aired a documentary alleging widespread government-sponsored violence. The documentary showed men who claimed to be anti-terror officers, and who reported that they killed hundreds of suspects on government orders, without any due process. The (...)

Tanzanian police kill terror suspect

10-25-2014 Tanzanian police shot dead a man suspected of carrying out a series of bombings in Arusha, including attacks targeting a church and a restaurant, where three people died and over 60 were wounded. The suspect was shot dead while trying to escape during a transfer to Dodoma prison on (...)

KENYA-ICC warns Kenya against leaking classified information

10-25-2014 The International Criminal Court (ICC) has warned the Kenyan government against leaking classified information to the media in the case against President Uhuru Kenyatta. The judges in the case say the Kenyan government has not taken the necessary steps to ensure filings remain confidential.In a report released on Tuesday, (...)

DRC-UN diplomat expelled after critical report

10-25-2014 Democratic Republic of Congo has ordered the expulsion of Scott Campbell, director of the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO) in Congo, a day after the publication of a UN report detailing serious human rights violations by Congolese security forces. The expulsion comes amidst rising crime levels. At (...)

News From the Region

10-19-2014 KENYA- Increase in extrajudicial police killings Kenyan police have carried out at least 176 summary executions this year alone, according to the Kenyan NGO Independent Medico-Legal Unit. Police have become “the number one killer” of Kenyans, IMLU Executive Director Peter Kiama told a press conference in Nairobi last week. (...)

UGANDA: Man dies from Malburg virus

10-10-2014 A hospital technician in Kampala has died of a virus called Marburg, which is similar to Ebola. The 30-year-old radiographer died on September 28in Mengo hospital in Kampala, where he worked. He contracted the illness 11 days earlier. Uganda has begun mobilizing response teams and issuing health alerts, a (...)

DRC: Former fighters die in military camp

10-10-2014 More than 100 demobilised fighters and their relatives have allegedly died of starvation and disease in a camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).A team from Human Rights Watch visited the camp recently and found the families in dire circumstances. In September 2013, 941 fighters from various armed (...)
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