News From the Region

KENYA- Increase in extrajudicial police killings

Kenyan police have carried out at least 176 summary executions this year alone, according to the Kenyan NGO Independent Medico-Legal Unit. Police have become “the number one killer” of Kenyans, IMLU Executive Director Peter Kiama told a press conference in Nairobi last week.
Police officials termed the accusations “wild and unfounded”. Spokesperson GitiriaMboroki said police are always “unfairly” accused. Those with grievances against police should seek redress from the authorities, she said.

UGANDA- Launch of the Standard Gauge Railway

Uganda’s President YoweriMuseveni launched the country’s Standard Gauge Railway last week. This railway is part of the Northern Corridor integration project, starting from Mombasa (Kenya), passing through Nairobi, Kampala (Uganda), Kigali (Rwanda) and ending in Juba (South-Sudan).
When the railway is built, freight transit time from Mombasa to Kampala is expected to be reduced from the current 14 days to one day.
Uganda’s Minister of State Works John Byabakambi said he is optimistic that the government will achieve the Standard Gauge Railway in accordance with the time-line set for 2018.

TANZANIA- Appeal against EACJ ruling on Serengeti-Road

Tanzania has appealed against an EACJ ruling blocking the construction of a road through the Serengeti National Park. Tanzania argues that the proposed road cannot be challenged in a court of law. “The court has no powers to grant a permanent injunction against any of the partner states”, said Principal State Attorney GabrielMalata at an appeal hearing at the EACJ last week.
EACJ’s First Instance Division ruled in June 2014 that the planned tarmac road would cause considerable damage to the delicate ecosystem which extends to the Maasai-Mara Game Reserve in Kenya.
The case was filed in December 2010 by the African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), a pan-African animal welfare and community-centredorganisation registered in Kenya.
The advocate representing the group said Tanzania was bound to adhere to international and African protocols and conventions to protect the Serengeti, which is a UnescoWorld Heritage Site.