EAC integration
' Isabelle Ndahayo: “Burundians exclude themselves because the recruitment is done in fair conditions for all country members”.

Burundi poorly represented in jobs offered by EAC

10-19-2018 During the presentation of 1st term of fiscal year achievement, the minister in charge of the East African Community affairs says there is a kind of exclusion of Burundians in different jobs within the community. Isabelle Ndahayo, Minister in charge of the EAC affairs says they have seen that (...)
' Nestor Kayobera: “Burundi is confident that it will win the case”.

Burundi optimistic about EAC court of justice’s verdict

05-29-2018 The East African Court of Justice announced that it would have to reexamine a case about President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term this May 24, 2018. Nestor Kayobera, lawyer of Burundi government, says the latter is ready to go to court and is optimistic that it will win the case (...)
' Isabella Ndahayo: “Burundian EALA MPs continue to perform their daily activities despite the disputed election of EALA Speaker”.

“Burundi still contests EALA Speaker election,” says EAC Affairs Minister

04-11-2018 Isabella Ndahayo, Minister of EAC Affairs says Burundi EALA MPs regularly attend the regional assembly activities despite their rejection of the EALA speaker’s election. “The election was illegal and full of irregularities but Burundi MPs continue to attend the scheduled sessions,” says Minister Ndahayo, this 10th April when presenting (...)
' EAC country leaders in the 19th EAC Summit

19th EAC Summit: Two deputy secretary generals instead of five

02-25-2018 The 19th ordinary summit of the East African Community Heads of State held last week in Kampala has led to some conclusions among which the representation of the community by two deputy secretary generals instead of five. The summit decided that there shall be only be two deputy secretary (...)
' Muhia Wanjiku: “Burundi is peaceful and safe. We call on foreign investors to boost its economy”

EALA delegation appeals to foreign investors to come to Burundi

02-20-2018 A delegation of 24 East African Legislative Assembly MPs from the six member countries of East African Community has arrived in Burundi since February 17, 2018.In a press conference held this Monday 19, the head of the delegation has acknowledged the peaceful situation that prevails in the country and (...)
' Emblem_of_East_African_Community.svg

EAC Court dismisses complaints by Burundi suspended CSOs

01-25-2018 In the statement released on 24 January, the EAC Court says it rejected the application filed by suspended non-profit civil society organizations for interim orders against the Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi and the Secretary General of the East African Community-EAC. The application is related to the (...)
' Isabelle Ndahayo:“EALA cannot vote the laws and be the first to violate them”

Burundi lodged complaint against EAC secretariat

01-19-2018 Burundi has filed a complaint against EAC secretariat this 17 January 2018. In a legal file “The Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi vs. The Secretary General of the East African Community, Reference No2 of 2018”, Burundi asks EAC court to refer to the law and answer their (...)
' Nahayo Isabelle: “Burundi does not recognise the recent election of the EALA Speaker because the regulations governing the community were not respected.”

Will Burundian MPs accept to be part of EALA after controversial election?

01-08-2018 Isabelle Nahayo, Burundian Minister in charge of the East African Community says Burundi does not recognise the recent election of the Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) because the regulations underlying the community were not respected. “Burundi has asked for clear explanations,” she says. As for the (...)
' Burundi EALA MPs

Burundi chapter contests election of the new EALA Speaker

12-20-2017 “On 19 December, the East African Community Legislative Assembly headed by the clerk, conducted the election of the new EALA Speaker while two member states, namely Burundi and the United Republic of Tanzania were not present in the session,” reads the statement issued on 20 December by nine members (...)
' Mr Martin Ngoga, the fourth speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly

Martin Ngoga : New EALA Speaker from disputed election

12-20-2017 Hon. Martin Ngoga from Rwanda is the newly elected Speaker of the fourth East African Legislative Assembly-EALA. The election which was scheduled on 18 December was postponed to 19 December as lawmakers from Burundi and Tanzania had boycotted it. Among the activities on the agenda of East African Legislative (...)
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