EAC integration

EAC constitutional experts conclude their consultations in Burundi

Eighteen constitutional experts from six partner states of the East African Community have brought to an end their national consultations in Burundi this January 20.

Kiguta Peter: “All views will be considered in the constitution of the political confederation.”

They collected views of different stakeholders including the administration, banks, Burundi Revenue Authority, civil society organizations, religious denominations, women and youth associations, political parties, academic officials, lawmakers, rights commissions, electoral commissions…

Their five-day sessions focused on cooperation areas, decision-making, adoption of the constitution of the confederal authority, governance structure, governance principles, funding the confederation and other issues.

These eighteen experts held consultations in Ngozi, Makamba and Gitega Provinces and the last session took place in Bujumbura City this January 20.

Kiguta Peter, Chairman of the session has indicated that all the opinions collected will be included in the draft of the constitution of the political confederation.
“People expressed themselves freely and their views will be considered while drafting the constitution,” he says.

He also says that the team will visit all the six countries of the East African Community. “After the team has concluded its national and regional tours, it will announce when the collection of views will end,” he says.

In February 2018, the 18th Summit of the EAC Heads of State adopted the political confederation as a transitional model of the political federation after noting the slow progress made towards achieving political federation.

The 18th summit directed the council of ministers to constitute a team of 18 constitutional experts and legislative draftspersons.

The EAC is established on four pillars namely the customs union, common market, monetary union and political federation. “The first two pillars have already been achieved and the third one is still in process”, says Kiguta.