' “The commission has already collected a sum of 2 billion and 200 million
Burundian Francs”

Over 2 billion Burundian Francs already available for 2020 elections

03-23-2018 One of the questions asked during the public conference held on this 23March 2018 in Gitega Province was about the management of the contributions to 2020 elections. One person asked about who and how the contributions to 2020 elections and the upcoming referendum are managed. Desire Musharitse, The spokesperson (...)
' Facilitator in Burundi conflict William Mkapa receiving the UNSG Special Envoy, Michel Kafando

Dialogue after constitutional referendum won’t matter, political opponent says

03-23-2018 The UN Secretary-General Special Envoy, Michel Kafando met William Benjamin Mkapa, the facilitator in Burundi conflict on 22 March in Dar-as- Salaam. The meeting aimed at moving the dialogue process forward, “said Macocha Tembele, Mkapa assistant. Tatien Sibomana, the spokesman for the coalition of political opposition ‘Amizero y’Abarundi’ says (...)
' Bishop Jean- Louis Nahimana: “The role of women and youth is essential in the process of healing wounds of the past”

Women and youth to be included in memory management of painful past

03-23-2018 Women and youth are two categories of people that suffer the most during and after the conflict period. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR believes in their contribution to manage the painful past for a better future. Bishop Jean-Louis Nahimana, Chairman of CVR, says the commission’s activities are incomplete without (...)
' President Pierre Nkurunziza: “Rwanda is harboring plotters of the May 2015 coup and terrorists who plunged Burundians into mourning during the 2015 insurrection”

Burundi absent at Kigali conference for security reasons, says President Nkurunziza

03-22-2018 Kigali hosted yesterday an extraordinary summit of the African Continental Free Trade Area [AfCFTA]. Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza says Burundi was not represented for security reasons. He accuses Rwanda of hosting the plotters of the May 2015 coup. Burundi and other member countries of the African Union have received (...)
' Pierre Claver Ndayicariye: “Less than two months ahead to get to the due date, get ready”

CENI calls on electoral partners to get ready for constitutional referendum

03-21-2018 In a meeting with electoral partners this March 20, 2018, the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI called on the political parties, coalitions and independents to get ready for the registration as observers and propagandists for or against the upcoming constitutional referendum. “There remain less than two months to get to (...)
' Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza: “All eligible Burundians living in Burundi or abroad should participate in this constitutional referendum”

Constitutional referendum to take place on 17 May

03-20-2018 Whereas the date for the upcoming constitutional referendum is definitively set, opposition coalition speaks of a process that comes to undermine the ongoing peace process. In a decree issued on 18 March, Burundian President Pierre Nkuruniza announced the polling day for constitutional referendum fixed on 17 May. The Burundian (...)
' "Pierre Nkurunziza, a charismatic leader"

“Imboneza yamaho”, which is the true meaning?

03-19-2018 President Nkurunziza was promoted by his party’s central committee as “eternal visionary leader.” A cult of the personality, denounce some people. His title in Kirundi is “Imboneza yamaho”. It is difficult to translate both words without arousing controversy. This appointment was announced last weekend in Buye, the birthplace of (...)
' People who received presidentiel pardon

Over 700 detainees received presidential pardon

03-19-2018 740 prisoners including 450 accused of protesting against the reelection of Burundi President in 2015 were released on 16 March following the measure of presidential pardon. Laurentine Kanyana, Minister of Justice, calls on them to participate in promoting peace and the country’s development. Kanyana mentioned that 2800 detainees throughout (...)
' Trucks were used to remove victims from the mudslide

Burundi: Six killed due to mudslide in Mutimbuzi Commune

03-16-2018 At least six people have died and three others have been injured due to a massive mudslide that has occurred in Nyakabondo I, on Gasenyi hill in Mutimbuzi Commune of Bujumbura Province, this 16 March. The victims were performing their daily activities in the channeling work of Gasenyi River, (...)
' Thérence Ntahiraja: “The UN Commission report on Burundi is biased since it contains false information and fabrications”

Burundi: “UN report will change nothing on Burundi”, says Home Affairs Assistant

03-15-2018 Following 160 interviews carried out on Burundi in 2018, added to 500 conducted last year, Doudou Diène, new Chairman of the commission of Inquiry on Burundi has declared in front of the Human Rights Council, this 13 March, that the situation remains similar to that observed last year. Doudou (...)
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