' Abdoul Kassim, new leader of UPD Zigamibanga; “The party’s national congress of 18 March 2017 was a consequence of the Supreme Court's decision following the results of the party congress held on 22 February 2015.”

Conflicts within UPD Zigamibanga over leadership

03-21-2017 The UPD Zigamibanga party organized a national congress to elect the new chairman, two years after the death of the leader of this party Zedi Feruzi. These elections led to conflicts between the members of this party. Abdoul Kassim, the new UPD Zigamibanga chairman says the party national congress (...)

Burundi failed to give its contribution to 2016 EAC financial budget

03-20-2017 The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), deeply concerned by the poor financial situation of the East African Community, has passed a resolution urging the Council of Ministers to immediately convene under matters of urgency to solve the financial crisis in the community. Sanctions should be imposed on the partner (...)
' Exclusive Interview : Evariste Ndayishimiye: “We have several potential candidates for 2020”

Exclusive Interview : Evariste Ndayishimiye: “We have several potential candidates for 2020”

03-20-2017 The Secretary General of the ruling CNDD FDD party expresses himself on several current concerns including the place of CNARED in the dialogue, the issue of term limit and the candidate for 2020 presidential election. What is your reading of the external dialogue led by the mediation? The objective (...)
' Alain Aimé Nyamitwe, the Burundian Foreign Affairs Minister with Didier Reynders, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Belgium

Towards restoration of confidence between Burundi and EU?

03-16-2017 Meetings with Burundian and EU officials have been carried out this week. A former Burundian diplomat says Burundi government is becoming more flexible. “Mass demonstrations against EU in general, and Belgium in particular, have been organized in Burundi for many times. Belgium was accused of all evils whereas it (...)
' Bururi province chief town

Two corpses discovered in Bururi Province

03-14-2017 Local sources say two bodies of a child and man were found in the morning of 13 March in the Siguvyaye River, near Gisanze area, in Bururi commune of the Southern province of Bururi. After recovering the two bodies from the Siguvyaye River, the body of the child was (...)
' Gaspard   Baratuza:   “Burundi   Government   will   never   accept   thattroublemakers from neighboring countries find refuge in the country"

“No armed groups entered Burundi from Rwanda”, says Burundi ArmySpokesperson

03-13-2017 Col. Gaspard Baratuza, Burundi Army Spokesperson, says no armed groupshave been noticed crossing the border between the two countries. “Burundi Government will never accept that criminals or troublemakers from neighboring countries find refuge in the country”, he says. On 12 March, unidentified gunmen perpetrated an attack in Rusizi district, (...)
' U N Secretary-General: New target for Bujumbura?

U N Secretary-General: New target for Bujumbura?

03-13-2017 The Secretary-General of the United Nations transmitted a report on Burundi to the Security Council on 23 February. Bujumbura reacts and speaks of a report based on erroneous information. Tensions ran higher as Burundi was being examined, on Thursday, 9 March, in the Security Council. “For the past two (...)
' Colonel Gaspard Baratuza: “The contributing country and the International community has the right to impose sanctions in such case”

Burundi soldier repatriated from Somalia for driving alone in Mogadishu

03-11-2017 Caporal-Chief Niyonkuru Leon was repatriated from the UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia on 9 March. He is accused of driving alone in the Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. “The troop contributing country, even the international community, doesn’t tolerate this due to the insecurity prevailing there”, says Gaspard Baratuza, (...)
' A leader, if elected, should stay in power indefinitely: speaker of Burundi National Assembly

A leader, if elected, should stay in power indefinitely: speaker of Burundi National Assembly

03-11-2017 The speaker of the National Assembly announced on Thursday that a president chosen and loved by the people should stay in power. An expert in the peaceful resolution of conflicts, however, says that the Government of Burundi wants to completely ignore the Arusha Peace agreement. “Presidential terms must not (...)
' The UN Security Council holding a consultation on Burundi

NGOs propose sanctions against perpetrators of serious human rights violations in Burundi

03-09-2017 While the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is holding a consultation about Burundi, 19 local and international NGOs urge it to impose targeted sanctions against Burundians responsible for serious human rights violations perpetrated in Burundi. In a letter addressed to the UNSC, those organizations say some police officers and (...)