' Philippe Nzobonariba, Spokesman for Burundi government “Rwandan authorities must respond to the crimes they committed by separating children from their parents and the wives from their husbands,"

Burundians expelled from Rwanda regret being separated from families

07-20-2018 Local authorities in Kirundo province, in the north of Burundi report that about 3,000 Burundians have been expelled from Rwanda since June 2018, because they refused to live in the refugee camps. They complain that they are separated from their families, explaining that men married to Rwandan women are (...)
' Melchiade Ruceke: “Nothing will prevent the ministry from suspending definitely those companies which didn’t abide by those regulations,”

Security Ministry warns private security companies to comply with regulations

07-20-2018 In the presentation of the achievements for the 2nd term of 2018, the ministry of public security has insisted on the respect of regulations governing the private security and surveillance companies. Melchiade Ruceke, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Public Security says those regulations which are not often respected (...)
' Centre Gitega

Land allocated to ruling CNDD-FDD in Gitega province arouses controversies

07-18-2018 The Cabinet analyzed on 11 July a draft decree on the allocation of land to the ruling party in the town of Gitega Province. “CNDD-FDD party plans to erect a large building that will comprise a worship center, conference room and a place where other major events will take (...)
' Nzeyimana's body discovered in Nyakabiga zone

Dead body found in Nyakabiga zone

07-16-2018 A man’s dead body was found early in the morning of July 16 on Avenue de l’Imprimerie bordered by the Ntahangwa River, Nyakabiga zone, in central Bujumbura. The body had injuries on the head. “The man seems to have been hit on the face,” says a resident of Nyakabiga. (...)
' parlement-europeen-2-600x338

European parliament adopts new resolution on Burundi

07-16-2018 The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Burundi this July 12. It builds a rather bleak picture of the situation prevailing in Burundi. Bujumbura government speaks about slander on the country. It is a serious charge. The European legislature expresses its deep concern about permanent impunity, summary executions, torture, (...)
' Members of European Parliament have adopted a resolution on Burundi

European parliament demands suspension of support for Burundian peacekeepers abroad

07-13-2018 Members of the European Parliament have adopted the resolution on Burundi which was proposed on 5 July. They call on the international community to follow closely the situation in Burundi despite the recent announcements of President Pierre Nkurunziza that he will not run for office in 2020 elections and (...)
' Busisiwe Mkhwebane: “The social security would urge the European Union to normalize its relation with Burundi”.

AOMA satisfied with political situation in Burundi

07-13-2018 In a meeting that was held in Bujumbura this July 12 in Bujumbura, the executive committee of the African Ombudsman and Mediators Association –AOMA says it is delighted with the socio-political situation prevailing in Burundi. “AOMA supports the report of the African Union Council on peace and security in (...)
' Omar Suliman Wanessee: “Our delegation has come to assess the security
situation in Burundi”

ICGLR delegation in Burundi to assess security situation

07-10-2018 A group of delegates from different country members of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) landed in Bujumbura this Monday 09th July 2018. The objective of their visit is to assess security situation in Burundi. Omar SulimanWanessee, speaker of states council in the republic of Sudan (...)
' Minister Isabella Ndahayo: “The delay observed in the contribution to the East African Community is due to a six-month difference between Burundi fiscal year and the EAC one”

Burundi to pay all EAC arrears by December

07-10-2018 Minister in charge of EAC affairs Isabella Ndahayo has said the delay observed in the contribution to the East African Community is due to a six-month difference between Burundi fiscal year and the EAC one. She has said that while presenting the half-yearly achievements of the ministry, this 9 (...)
' Two groups were formed following the crisis within CNARED

CNARED on the verge of breaking off

07-09-2018 There is an imminent coup to remove the presidency of the opposition platform in exile. It must either toe the line or leave. A coup would be in preparation on CNARED, the platform of Burundian opponents in exile. The radical bloc would be threatening to overthrow the presidency of (...)
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