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Developing Countries reject EU sanctions on Burundi

06-24-2017 Europe failed to convince members of the African Caribbean Pacific bloc. The resolution condemned the situation and proposed sending observers in Burundi to protect civilians, disarm the ruling party youth and press the Burundian government to engage in inclusive dialogue. The failed EU resolution also asked the ICC to (...)
' Participants in the 5th EAC annual Secretary General’s forum.

5th EAC annual Secretary General’s forum held in Bujumbura

06-23-2017 From 22 to 23 June 2017, Burundi has hosted the fifth annual forum of the Secretary General of the East African Community comprising the private sector, civil society and other interest groups both from the national and regional levels under the central theme “15 years of the EAC :Towards (...)
' Photography of Jean Bigirimana hung on the wall of Iwacu building: “In memory of Jean Bigirimana who disappeared on 22 July 2016. We will never forget you.”

Iwacu asks for protection for endangered family of missing journalist Jean Birigirimana

06-22-2017 On the 11th month of the disappearance of former Iwacu journalist Jean Bigirimana, his employer calls on the government to protect the journalist’s threatened family. Iwacu calls on the government to guarantee the security for its missing journalist’s family that says it’s in danger because of death threats it (...)
' UNSC President, Sacha SergioLlorenttySolíz “UNSC expressed its concern about the continual political impasse and worrying humanitarian situation in Burundi”

UNSC expresses concern about continual political impasse in Burundi

06-22-2017 The Members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) met on 20 June to discuss Burundi situation. They recommended the regional effort to help Burundi to find political solution and reiterated the support of the facilitation in the inter-Burundian dialogue. Security in Burundi remains unstable, the socio-economic situation is (...)
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National Security Council urges facilitator in Burundi crisis to respect June deadline

06-22-2017 After the meeting chaired by President Pierre Nkurunziza, the National Security Council [CNS] has released a statement in which it calls on the facilitation team in Burundi peace talks to bring back the dialog and respect the deadline set in June. “The National Security Council invites the facilitation in (...)
' Unlike the threat she received last March that was painted in blood on the wall, the new threat was issued in a letter supposedly signed by an identified police commissioner.

New threat to wife of missing journalist: “you will soon join him …”

06-21-2017 “We will not be held accountable for your blood”, says the author of the threat. The wife of Jean Bigirimana, the former Iwacu journalist who went missing from July 2016, has received a chilling message threatening her with death, a second threat she has received in the last three (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Police, says it’s hard to explain the high criminal homicide in Kirundo

Murder of wife by husband highlights criminal homicide peculiarity about Kirundo province

06-20-2017 The northern province of Kirundo is peculiarly rife with criminal homicide between spouses. The police say they cannot explain the phenomenon. The latest case: a man fatally battered his wife on Monday around midnight, the police report. Gabriel Nyabenda fatally injured his wife, Francine Nsengimana. The reports say he (...)
' Members of Parliament will shortly study the law project

National observatory disputed

06-19-2017 The National Assembly will shortly analyze the bill on the national observatory for the prevention and eradication of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Meanwhile, this organ is subject to controversy. The national observatory is an advisory organ, mandated by the 2005 Constitution in article 274. It is (...)
' Bujumbura accused in Geneva

Bujumbura accused in Geneva

06-19-2017 The Commission of Inquiry on Burundi presented its report to the Human Rights Council. It talks about ongoing serious crimes. “A deep and widespread sense of fear,” this is evidenced by the testimonies gathered by the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi. During the 35th session, an oral report was (...)
' A grenade was thrown in a bar, killed two people and wounded nine

Four people killed in Bujumbura

06-15-2017 At least four people have been killed and a dozen of others wounded in different attacks perpetrated in the capital Bujumbura between 14 and 15 June. The recent victim is Aimable Hakizimana, a resident of Kinindo neighborhood of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. He was shot dead on 15 June (...)