' Members of the CNARED Executive board held a two-day meeting in Belgium

CNARED still demands negotiations to end crisis

08-17-2017 Members of the National Council for the Respect of the Arusha Agreement and Rule of Law-CNARED have recently held a three-day meeting in Belgium. Negotiations and consolidation of the members of the board were on the agenda. The executive board of the main opposition in exile –CNARED met in (...)
' Governor of Bubanza Province

Governor of Bubanza narrowly escaped from ambush

08-16-2017 The Governor of Bubanza ran into an ambush staged by unidentified armed people in the evening of Tuesday 15 August. The incident took place in Gihanga Commune along Bujumbura-Cibitoke road, in the west of Burundi. Police say no one was killed or injured in the attack. Gunfire was heard (...)
' 24 of the 36 arrested young people were from Ruhororo site in Ngozi province

Youths arrested while going to Tanzania

08-16-2017 At least thirty-six young people were arrested on Wednesday 16 August in Ruhororo Commune of Ngozi northern province. They are currently detained at a police station in Ngozi Province. “Some of them were from Ruhororo site of displaced people and its surroundings in Ngozi province. They were going to (...)
' Gabriel Rufyiri,OLUCOME Chairman and Spearhead of  the campaign against high cost of living in Burundi.

Corruption watchdog calls on President to cancel request of US$ 32.6 million loan

08-15-2017 In a letter sent to Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza on 9 August, the chairman of the Observatory for the Fight against Corruption and Embezzlement (OLUCOME) expressed his concerns about a credit equivalent to US% 32.6 million to be granted by the Chinese Bank ‘Exim Bank’. This appropriation will be (...)
' “70 Burundian Refugees from Lusenda Refugee Camp in DRC returned ”

70 Burundian refugees return in pilot project of repatriation

08-15-2017 The governments of Burundi and DRC alongside UNHCR launched a pilot project of repatriation of Burundian refugees. On August 14th, 70 refugees from 24 families were voluntarily repatriated from Lusenda refugee camp in the DR Congo. A convoy trucks carrying 70 refugees crossed the border to Burundi in Gatumba (...)
' The seven people were arrested at 8 kilometers of Gatara locality nearby the crime scene

Confusion over people’s arrests after Shinya attack

08-14-2017 Seven people are detained in Kayanza provincial police station following the 9 July grenade attack on Shinya hill in Gatara commune of Kayanza province. Inhabitants of the locality speak of politically motivated arrests. The residents of Shinya hill in Ngoro area, Gatara commune of Kayanza Northern Province say they (...)
' : President Nkurunziza at the counter of the Central Bank after giving his contribution

2020 elections : controversial contributions

08-14-2017 President Nkurunziza calls on Burundians to contribute to the 2020 elections. Three years before this important appointment, the spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior speaks of a duty to safeguard national sovereignty. Written by Egide Nikiza, Hervé Mugisha, Agnès Ndirubusa, Christian Bigirimana and Renovat Ndabashinze and translated by (...)
' Edouard Nduwimana, Burundi Ombudsman: “We owe more than BIF 300 million to some of our partner institutions”

Burundi’s Ombudsman office suffers from suspension of international aid

08-14-2017 The Ombudsman office faces problems due to the suspension of funding from international organisation. This handicaps some scheduled activities of the institution, said the ombudsman during his biannual report presented to MPs on August 11th, 2017. The main problem that the institution faces today is a lack of money. (...)
' Katja Lasseur, Special Envoy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Great Lakes Region :“I hope all the political actors are ready to talk to each other in order to better prepare for the 2020 elections”

Kingdom of Netherlands still supports inter-Burundian dialogue, says Katja Lasseur

08-09-2017 The Special Envoy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Great Lakes Region made a five-day visit to Burundi. She says Netherlands believes that only the Arusha inter-Burundian dialogue can help solve the current Burundi crisis. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is convinced that the Burundi crisis will (...)
' “The attacked bar is located in Buyenzi on the 7th avenue, number 49,”

Two people killed and five injured in grenade attack in Buyenzi

08-09-2017 Two people died in a grenade attack by unknown people this 8th August 2017 in a bar located on the 7th avenue number 49 in Buyenzi zone of Bujumbura. It was around 8 P.M. when unknown people threw two grenades in a bar where people were drinking as usual. (...)