' Fabien Banciryanino: “There isn’t any threat against me”

Independent MP Fabien Banciryanino says to be “safe”

09-21-2018 Following widespread rumors on social media that the independent MP Fabien Banciryanino, elected in Bubanza constituency would be insecurity, the latter says he is safe and adds that there is no threat against him. “I think the authors of the rumors don’t know how to denounce human rights violations (...)
' Martin Nivyabandi: “There is tranquility everywhere in the country”.

Peace, controversial concept among Burundian politicians

09-21-2018 While the world celebrates the Peace Day each September 21, Burundian politicians’ interpretations of peace diverge. Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, says peace reigns throughout the country. He says Burundi successfully organized free and democratic elections in 2015 and freely elected its leaders. “Besides, the country has just (...)
' Pierre Céléstin Ndikumana: « The members of the provincial and communal electoral commission must be reliable and include all members from all political parties”

Burundi: Opposition demand new CENI team to be impartial

09-20-2018 During the handover between the new and former teams of the National Independent Electoral Commission this 18 September, Pierre Claver Kazihise, new chairman of the commission called on all political partners especially the opposition to collaborate for the smooth running of the 2020 electoral process. He said CENI should (...)
' Anicet Ndayizeye: "Rwanda continues to provoke us"

Member of security committee and wife murdered in Kayanza province

09-20-2018 Daniel Ngendakumana was a member of the security committee and representative of the Imbonerakure (youth affiliated to the ruling party) in Rugazi zone. The young man aged 27 was killed with his wife, 24, this Tuesday 18 September 2018 in Kabarore commune, Kayanza province. Anicet Ndayizeye, Governor of Kayanza (...)
' Newly appointed members of the national Electoral commission after the swearing-in ceremonies.

New CENI members pledge to organize independent elections

09-19-2018 Seven members of the National Independent Electoral Commission-CENI took the oath before the President of the Republic, parliamentarians and members of the government this September 18, 2018. The newly appointed commission chaired by Pierre Claver Kazihise, took the oath one by one pledging to conduct free fair and transparent (...)
' Abel Gashatsi (left) and Tatien Sibomana (right) both defend the ideals of the independence hero despite divisions

Burundi: Reconciliation not yet achieved among UPRONA factions 57 years after legislative victory

09-19-2018 On 18 September 1961, Uprona party led by Prince Louis Rwagasore won the legislative elections. The party followers have divided themselves into groups for a long time. Leaders of the party diverge on the reconciliation process. Abel Gashatsi, chairman of Uprona party says the victory the party won in (...)
' The leaders of FNL Amizero y'Abarundi

Agathon Rwasa and FNL party make one

09-17-2018 The representatives of the coalition Amizero y’Abarundi (FNL fraction) met on Wednesday 12 September. The item on the agenda was the creation of a political party. The boss of the second largest political force in the country has a great challenge: to have a political party. This Wednesday, more (...)
' Abel Gashatsi:“Everything is not clean. Burundi has gone through several years of war, then, people need to work hard for lasting and true democracy,”

Burundi: Democracy still weakened, say politicians

09-14-2018 On the eve of the celebration of the World Democracy Day on 15 September, politicians say there is still a long way to go towards strong and lasting democracy in Burundi. Abel Gashatsi, Chairman of Uprona party says there are some issues that need to find solutions even if (...)
' Ménédore Ntirampeba: “In the next meeting, each company will have to present a report of changes already made".

Private security companies given two months to comply with regulations.

09-14-2018 The security ministry warns private security companies that do not comply with regulations. In a meeting with private security and surveillance companies that operate in Bujumbura, Ménédore Ntirampeba, Director General of the department of planning and strategic studies at the ministry of public security has given a two- month (...)
' Anicet Niyongabo: “Foreign NGOs have got sufficient time to comply with the law but extra time will be given for those which will have been late”

Burundi: Foreign NGOs to respect constitutional ethnic balance in recruitment

09-14-2018 Burundi Senate plans to conduct a survey among foreign Non-Governmental Organizations-NGOs to ensure that they respect 60% of “Hutu” and 40% of “Tutsi” ethnic groups. Anicet Niyongabo, Second Deputy Speaker of the Senate says the higher chamber of parliament will deploy a group of senators to carry out a (...)
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