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Human Rights Watch: “2015 Crisis Continued through 2017”

01-19-2018 In its 28th annual world report made this Thursday 18 January, the Human Rights Watch has published a 643-page report reviewing the human rights practices in more than 90 countries including Burundi. The experts of the Human Rights Watch report that the political and human rights crisis that erupted (...)
' Two children were buried alive in Bubanza province

Bubanza: Man buries two kids alive accusing them of stealing corncobs

01-16-2018 A man called Nyandwi Elias from Bubanza western province seriously beat two kids namely Egide Bigirimana and Tuyisenge aged 10 and 12 respectively after burying them up to their chests in his plot. He accused them of stealing corncobs from his field, said Chadrack, one of the local officials (...)
' Residents of Kizina 1 and 2 fear to be expelled from their lands

About 5000 families to be evicted from their lands on Kizina hill

01-05-2018 More than 5000 families from Kizina 1 and 2 sectors of Gihanga commune in Bubanza province claim to be victims of injustice. They say they have been expropriated from their lands which were later attributed to an unknown person called “Joseph Gahushi”. The residents of the locality say they (...)
' Jean Louis Nahimana: “Despite challenges, the achievements of the commission for three years are impressive”

Truth and Reconciliation Commission faces several problems.

12-13-2017 During a media synergy on the achievements of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) three years after its establishment, Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, its chairman has recognised this Tuesday that the commission faces several challenges. The National Commission for the Truth and Reconciliation was created in December 2014 with (...)
' David Ninganza: “The penal code must be revised to specify how to punish crimes of this kind”

Two children’s wrists amputated, children’s rights group worries

11-24-2017 R B and N, are two children from Karemba hill in Itaba Commune of Gitega central province whose wrists have been amputated over maize robbery. “It was around 6 p.m. when we suddenly met two young men who forced us to put our hands up before starting to cut (...)
' Fatou Bensouda will investigate alleged crimes against humanity committed in Burundi.

ICC authorizes investigation into Burundi

11-13-2017 The Pre-Trial Chamber III of the International Criminal Court has authorized Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to open an investigation into Burundi. A blow for Bujumbura. Composed of Judge Chang-ho Chung, Judge Antoine Kesia-Mbe Mindua and Judge Raul C. Pangalangan, this Pre-Trial Chamber III has found that the evidence presented by (...)
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Burundi will never cooperate with ICC, says Justice Minister

11-10-2017 Minister of Justice Aimée Laurentine says Burundi will never, in any case, cooperate with the ICC in the implementation of the decision to open investigation into the crimes committed in Burundi. “The decision has been taken in violation of the Rome Statute and its principles of international law”, she (...)
' ICC has authorized the opening of investigations into Burundi

ICC authorizes investigation into Burundi

11-09-2017 The Pre-Trial Chamber III of the International Criminal Court issued a public redacted version of its decision authorizing the ICC Prosecutor to open an investigation regarding crimes committed in Burundi from 26 April 2015 to 26 October 2017. The Prosecutor is authorized to extend her investigation into crimes which were committed (...)
' Aimée Laurentine Kanyana: “The ICC decision is only a political declaration intended to encourage some external forces”

Vagrancy to be punished, says Justice Minister

10-30-2017 The Minister of Justice, Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, was this 30 October in the National Assembly to shed light on the penal code revision. She says some changes in the current penal code have to be made as it dates from 2009 in order to strengthen the repression of certain (...)
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Goodbye to ICC

10-30-2017 The deadline for Burundi’s total withdrawal from the International Criminal Court has arrived. Bujumbura rejoices while the families of the victims express disappointment. Bujumbura government exults as it is now done with the International Criminal Court, a sword of Damocles hanging over its head. Burundi decided to withdraw from (...)
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