' Jean de Dieu Mutabazi : « Such an incendiary speech is unproductive”

National Observatory for Genocide prevention against UN High-Commissioner for Human Rights Report

03-01-2018 Jean De Dieu Mutabazi, Chairman of the National Observatory for the prevention and eradication of genocide, war crimes and other crimes against Humanity dismisses the report recently presented by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to the UN Security Council. In the 37th Session of the Human Rights (...)
' FIDH: ‘The ongoing referendum process causes human rights violations’

Is ongoing referendum process causing human rights violation?

02-27-2018 In a note released on February 23, 2018, the International Federation for Human Rights-FIDH denounces the human right violations that prevail in Burundi due to the ongoing process of the constitutional referendum. “People, including minors were forced to register for vote in the upcoming constitutional referendum and 2020 elections,” (...)
' Sylvestre Nyandwi: "Judges should be a good example to follow in the fight against corruption."

Two judges from Gitega Court of Appeal arrested over corruption allegations

02-23-2018 Thomas Ntimpirangeza, President of Gitega Court of Appeal and Prime Habiyambere, a judge working for the same institution were arrested on February 21, 2018 under the order of the public prosecutor. Sylvestre Nyandwi, Attorney General, says they were arrested for investigation into corruption allegations. “They were arrested after the (...)
' Two children were buried alive in Bubanza province

Human Rights Commission concerned about children rights violations in Burundi

02-12-2018 The Chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights-CNIDH deplores the cruel treatment that some parents or neighbors give to children who are caught trying to steal in the fields because they are hungry. During the press conference that was held this 9 February, Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza has said (...)
' CNIDH president Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza

UN Secretary General worries are an advice, says Chairman of Human Rights

02-09-2018 Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza, chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights-CNDIH says it is normal that the UN secretary General Antonio Guterres raises his concerns on the current situation in Burundi as he has the responsibility to prevent conflicts. “The United Nations is a global organization. It is normal (...)
' Jacques Nshimirimana: “Producers and journalists always focus on current news rather than challenges faced by children”

When children become victims

02-07-2018 The government of Burundi summoned polygamists to choose one woman. Children rights activists and a psychologist denounce a “policy” with unfortunate consequences for children. The decision was made in May 2017. In order to fight against gender-based violence, the Ministry of the Interior gave nine months to the concerned (...)
' The Universal Periodic Review of the HRC held from 15 to 26 January in Geneva.

HRC urged Burundi to reinforce Human Rights principles

01-19-2018 In its 29th session of the Universal Periodic Review(UPR) of the Human Rights Council (HRC) held in Geneva this 18 January, Burundi has been examined. Minister of Human Rights, Martin Nivyabandi has presented the report related to the current situation. “Things have improved and the President has promulgated different (...)
' HRW logo

Human Rights Watch: “2015 Crisis Continued through 2017”

01-19-2018 In its 28th annual world report made this Thursday 18 January, the Human Rights Watch has published a 643-page report reviewing the human rights practices in more than 90 countries including Burundi. The experts of the Human Rights Watch report that the political and human rights crisis that erupted (...)
' Two children were buried alive in Bubanza province

Bubanza: Man buries two kids alive accusing them of stealing corncobs

01-16-2018 A man called Nyandwi Elias from Bubanza western province seriously beat two kids namely Egide Bigirimana and Tuyisenge aged 10 and 12 respectively after burying them up to their chests in his plot. He accused them of stealing corncobs from his field, said Chadrack, one of the local officials (...)
' Residents of Kizina 1 and 2 fear to be expelled from their lands

About 5000 families to be evicted from their lands on Kizina hill

01-05-2018 More than 5000 families from Kizina 1 and 2 sectors of Gihanga commune in Bubanza province claim to be victims of injustice. They say they have been expropriated from their lands which were later attributed to an unknown person called “Joseph Gahushi”. The residents of the locality say they (...)
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