' Burundi : Human Rights Leagues with controversial missions

Burundi : Human Rights Leagues with controversial missions

11-29-2016 On 26 November, the Home Affairs Ministry organized a public protest march in the Burundian capital for two reasons: to protest against the deployment of the three commissioners of enquiry on the human rights situation in Burundi, recently appointed by the UN Human Rights Commission and to denounce the (...)
' Bujumbura refuses to cooperate with UN commission of inquiry on Burundi

Bujumbura refuses to cooperate with UN commission of inquiry on Burundi

11-24-2016 The UN Human Rights body appointed on 22 November three commissioners namely Fatsah Ouguergouz (Algeria), Reina Alapini Gansu (Benin) and Francoise Hampson (United Kingdom) to investigate human rights violations and abuses committed in Burundi. Ouguergouz will serve as the Chair of the three-member Commission. The Commission has also been (...)
' People killed in an attack in Cibitoke western Bujumbura neighborhood on 4 October 2015

FIDH and Ligue Iteka report on crimes committed in Burundi

11-17-2016 The International Federation for Human Rights-FIDH and “Ligue ITEKA” association have published a report on 15 November about “Repression and genocidal dynamics in Burundi”. Burundi government refutes the allegations it contains. The 200–page report summarizes and identifies crimes committed in Burundi since April 2015. FIDH and Ligue Iteka report (...)
' Fatou Bensouda, the ICC Prosecutor has published her 2016 annual report

ICC to investigate on Burundi until its effective withdrawal

11-15-2016 Despite the withdrawal of Burundi from the Rome Statute, the situation in the country since April 2015 continues to be the subject of a preliminary inquiry by the ICC. This is included in the annual report on preliminary examination activities (2016) published this 14 November by the ICC Prosecutor, (...)
' jacques

Jacques Nshimirimana: ORA Child Protection Award Recipient

10-18-2016 German organizations of children’s rights assembled in ORA Kinderhilfe International coalition designated Jacques Nshimirimana, the chairman of the Federation of the associations defending the children rights-Fenadeb as the winner of the “ORA Child Protection Award” for his strong commitment to the rights of Burundian children. Floreck Matthias, the chairman (...)
' Ngozi Prison Compound

Treat alleged coup-plotters fairly, rights group demands

10-07-2016 Eight Soldiers and fifteen policemen detained in Ngozi prison for three weeks. They are accused of plotting a coup. It started with a tweet by Pierre Nkurikiye, police spokesperson, on 14 September. He announced: “At 3:30 p.m., warrant officer Eddy Claude Nyongera (Army Staff-Transmission/Burundian army) killed himself with a (...)
' Gouvernement

Burundi withdraws from the ICC

10-07-2016 The Council of Ministers met this Thursday in Gitega in central Burundi to consider Burundi’s membership of the International Criminal Court. Burundi ratified the Rome Statute, giving the war crimes court jurisdiction over the country, in 2004. The current crisis began when President Nkurunziza officially announced his candidacy for (...)
' Me-Dieudonné-Bashirahishize

EAC court of justice not to rule on Nkurunziza’s third term case

09-30-2016 The East African Community (EAC) Court of Justice found the complaints about President Pierre Nkurunziza’s third term unfounded. The EAC’s civil society collective, EACSOF, made the complaints but the court said it cannot rule on a case already decided by the local courts. Burundi’ government represented by the Lawyer (...)
' Bujumbura Accuses UNHCR of not updating Database

Bujumbura Accuses UNHCR of not updating Database

09-28-2016 UNHCR says over 300,000 Burundians fled to neighboring countries, the number the interior minister rejects, stating that the majority have returned home “So far, about 100,000 Burundian refugees have willingly come back home from the neighboring countries”, said Térence Ntahiraja, Assistant to the Interior Minister. Most of them are (...)
' Demonstrators waving placards

Bujumbura dismisses UN report on Burundi as “political”

09-23-2016 On 22 September, Burundi’s Ministry in charge of Human Rights slammed a report by the United Nations as unverified and lacking credibility. “The UN experts collected unverified information and did not mention sources for their report’s credibility”, deplores Martin Nivyabandi, the Minister of National Solidarity, Gender and Human Rights. (...)