' Geneva, Fatsah replies to the accusations of Bujumbura

War of words in Geneva

09-25-2017 The UN Independent Commission of Inquiry into Burundi presented its final report before the Human Rights Council on Tuesday, 19 September. A session that was rich in argument between Bujumbura and Fatsah Ouguergouz. Accusations came from every side. First, there were those of the Permanent Representative of Burundi at (...)
' The Director of Public Prosecutions, President of Burundi andMinister of justice

Burundian justice job is commendable, says Burundi President

09-25-2017 The opening of the 2017-2018 Judicial year this Friday 22nd September coincides with a UN report which points an accusing finger at the Burundian justice. The president of Burundi says what the justice system is going through is linked to a political situation. President Pierre Nkurunziza says there are (...)
' The Commission of Inquiry on Burundi presents its final report to the UN Human Rights Council this 19 September

Burundi under UN Human Rights scrutiny

09-19-2017 The Commission of Inquiry presents its final report to the Human Rights Council during an interactive dialogue on Burundi this 19 September, in Geneva at its 36th session. Burundi government still rejects the report of the UN commission. The chairman of the Commission of Inquiry, Fatsah Ouguergouz accuses Burundi (...)
' Jean Baptiste Baribonekeza “Mpimba detention conditions are quite good given international and the country living standards”

National Commission for Human Rights calls on ICC to be impartial

09-11-2017 The National Commission for Human Rights [CNIDH] notes that the report of the Commission of Inquiry was inspired by some of the previous reports but somewhat different from the latter. “The CNIDH considers that the report should constitute a breach of a frank and constructive dialogue on the situation (...)
' Fatou Bensouda

Burundi: Target for ICC?

09-11-2017 The UN Commission of Inquiry released a report on Monday (September 4th). It requests the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity committed in Burundi. The Commission refers to “an organized plan in the pursuit of a common policy.” This is a widespread and systematic attack against the (...)
' Causes of exile Burundi 2017-1

New Burundian refugees claim gang rape, torture and illegal detention

08-25-2017 Burundians who arrived in Uganda between April and June 2017 said they left Burundi for security reasons, according to a new report by the International Refugee Rights Initiative about the causes of the ongoing refugee crisis.. The government insists Burundi is safe, but the new report published by IRRI (...)
' Fatsah Ouguergouz, chairman of Commission of Inquiry on Burundi

No improvement of situation, says chairman of Commission of Inquiry on Burundi

08-18-2017 The Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights on Burundi will present the final report of its investigation in Geneva between the 18 and 19 September at the thirty-sixth session of the Human Rights Council. The chairman of the commission says the report will confirm that serious abuses continue to (...)
' Aloys Barutwanayo: “We need to know what happened in the past to avoid it in the future”

“Light on Ntega-Marangara mass murder can be lesson for future generations”

08-17-2017 Burundi has a number of black days, among them, August 15th 1988, a memorable date for many Burundians. More than 25 thousand people were killed in Ntega-Marangara mass slaughter. 29years after the massacre, victims and associations still demand truth and justice. Between 25 and 50 thousand people were killed. (...)
' Two MPs have already been beaten in less than two months

MPs adopted bill on establishment of National Observatory for Genocide Prevention

08-10-2017 The National Assembly, this 9 August, adopted the bill on the setting up of the National Observatory for the Prevention and Eradication of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. “The observatory will clarify and identify all crimes committed in Burundi”, said Pascal Nyabenda, the Speaker of the National (...)
' Participants in the general assembly of justice held in Gitega in August 2013 had had decided to improve the image of justice in Burundi

Four years after pledge to improve justice, a long way to go…

08-05-2017 In 2013, participants at a major summit to improve justice in Burundi drew up a list of activities to improve justice – but there have been few achievements since. A local peacebuilding organization, Parcem, says much needs to be done for the justice system in Burundi to achieve independence. (...)