Human Right

Rights Commission to investigate teachers’ concerns

The National Independent Commission for Human Rights-CNIDH has set up a commission of five people including three commissioners and two officials of the commission to investigate the complaints raised by some teachers.

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba: “We will conduct an investigation to know what is going on with these teachers’ concerns”.

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, Chairman of the Commission has said that some teachers have expressed their concerns about a probable forced-adherence to Special Coalition of Teachers’ Union for National Solidarity-COSSESSONA. “We cannot confirm or deny their concerns as we didn’t conduct any investigation,” he said adding that freedom of association is a right but not a duty. He also added that the team will investigate the case of arrest of two teachers who are leaders of unions from Rutana province.

CNIDH Chairman has also said that the national and international laws allow employees and employers to establish unions and associations. Meanwhile, Gérard Niyongabo, Chairman of the Union of Professional Teachers in Burundi (SEPEDUC] and Antoine Manuma, Chairman of the General Union of Teaching Staff in Burundi (SYGEPEBU) were arrested by National Intelligence Services in Rutana province this 9 January.  Those union activists are accused of opposing the forced deduction of BIF 500 from the teachers’ salaries imposed by COSSESONA.