Iwacu news reporters appear before Ntahangwa Appeal Court

Agnès Ndirubusa, Christine Kamikazi, Egide Harerimana, Térence Mpozenzi and their driver Adolphe Masabarakiza appeared before Ntahangwa Appeal Court sitting in a Council Chamber in Bubanza Central Prison, this November 18.

Iwacu news reporters

The close-door court appearance lasted at least one hour. Thereafter, the four Iwacu news reporters returned to prison. They were assisted by their lawyers Clément Retirakiza and Martin Ndayisaba. The Council Chamber will announce its decision within 48hours. The Iwacu news reporters and their driver are accused of “complicity in undermining the internal state security”.

On 11 November around 8 p.m., officials of Bubanza prison asked them in the afternoon to appear by surprise before the judges of Ntahangwa Court of Appeal. Those journalists told the judges that they could not respond to their questions without the assistance of their lawyers.

The four Iwacu journalists were arrested in Musigati commune in Bubanza province on October 22. The High Court of Bubanza had decided to keep them in pre-trial detention on October 31. Attorney General Sylvestre Nyandwi said that the journalists weren’t arrested because they are journalists but due to the accusations brought against them. However, a judicial police officer heard them and no charge was brought against them on October 23.