' Jean Pierre Guengant, UNFPA economic expert : “ with the prevalence of 20% of contraceptives use, a Burundian woman had an average of six children. Today, the average is probably low. It is estimated at 4.6 children per woman.”

Burundian population may double in 2050

10-20-2016 Burundian Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (ISTEEBU) in collaboration with UNFPA has organized a workshop this October 19 to publish the results of a survey jointly conducted on the demographic situation in Burundi. The workshop aimed to analyze the benefits that the country could get from a demographic (...)
' Léonard sentore:"The tax collected in that locality could no longer pay the salary of one OBR agent"

Government suspends trade at Burundi-Rwanda border point

10-14-2016 All trade at the Kanyaru-Bas border point in northern Ngozi Province has been suspended since the government closed the customs office at the crossing on 11 October. The government says it closed the customs office at Kanyaru-Bas due to low levels of traffic since July, when they imposed a (...)
' Muha emergency bridge is now operational

Muha emergency bridge now functional

10-11-2016 The makeshift bridge connecting Muha and Mukaza municipalities which was destroyed following the torrential rains that fell in Bujumbura on Saturday night is now operational. This bridge was built to temporarily replace the former one under construction for four months since it got destroyed and thus blocking the usual (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana appeals to parliamentarians to urge the government to submit promptly the execution of the third 2016 quarterly budget report

PARCEM deplores Burundi government delay in submitting budget bill

10-06-2016 The local NGO aiming at awakening conscience and changing Burundians’ mentality (PARCEM) deplores Burundi government’s delay in sending the budget bill for 2017 to the parliament.”It is through the budget law that we really see the orientation of political development, economic strategies and decisions taken by the government in (...)
' Guests (Marguerite Kamana in the middle) Visiting Stands on 4 October

Bujumbura: “Investment Trade Fair for More Visibility”

10-04-2016 Burundi Investment Agency (API) has organized a trade fair since 3 October to promote investment in Burundi through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Clothes, food, telephone company, handcrafted products… these are different products exhibited at different stands in “Palais des Arts” in Bujumbura city center. “We are convinced our products (...)
' Didace Ngendakumana, the Director of API

API threatens to sanction companies misusing investment code advantages

10-01-2016 “We call on all entrepreneurs to respect commitments made in their business plan submitted during the application for eligibility certificate to the advantages of investment code”, said Didace Ngendakumana, the director of Investment Promotion Agency (API). “Offenders will be punished according to the law and regulations of the nation”, (...)
' Proposals to save the declining hotel and tourism industry in Burundi

Proposals to save the declining hotel and tourism industry in Burundi

09-29-2016 Actors in Burundi tourism acknowledge that the sector has alarmingly declined following the crisis that has plagued the country since last year. “Tourism has extremely declined over the last months”, says Denis Nshimirimana, the president of the Chamber of Hotel and Tourism. He explains that many hotels have laid (...)
' Ange Muyubira “Creating Burundi Entrepreneurs platform, my ambition”

Ange Muyubira “Creating Burundi Entrepreneurs platform, my ambition”

09-27-2016 One month after being honored to receive the Engel Africa Award from the Segal Family Foundation in September in Uganda and selected as the first Burundian to participate in a recent Africa Fashion Reception event in Addis Ababa, Ange Muyubira  says she is committed to creating Burundi entrepreneurs’ platform (...)
' paercem

PARCEM: Arab countries not ready to assist Burundi

09-14-2016 On the occasion of the celebration of Eid El Hadj , Pascal Nyabenda, Speaker of the Burundian National Assembly who has joined Burundian Muslims in Gatumba, western part of Bujumbura the capital, asked them to plead for Arab countries’ assistance to Burundi. Faustin Ndikumana, the Chairman of PARCEM, a (...)
' Kigali: Business threatened by Burundian crisis

Kigali: Business threatened by Burundian crisis

09-13-2016 Heads of two leading travel agencies in Kigali say they have sustained major financial losses due to the border closure between Burundi and Rwanda. In late July, the Burundi government suspended food exports to Rwanda – allegedly due to drought – and Burundian security officers have since prevented passengers’ (...)