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PARCEM: Arab countries not ready to assist Burundi

09-14-2016 On the occasion of the celebration of Eid El Hadj , Pascal Nyabenda, Speaker of the Burundian National Assembly who has joined Burundian Muslims in Gatumba, western part of Bujumbura the capital, asked them to plead for Arab countries’ assistance to Burundi. Faustin Ndikumana, the Chairman of PARCEM, a (...)
' Kigali: Business threatened by Burundian crisis

Kigali: Business threatened by Burundian crisis

09-13-2016 Heads of two leading travel agencies in Kigali say they have sustained major financial losses due to the border closure between Burundi and Rwanda. In late July, the Burundi government suspended food exports to Rwanda – allegedly due to drought – and Burundian security officers have since prevented passengers’ (...)
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Kenya is interested in investing in Burundi

09-13-2016 After a week of the Kenya trade, investment and cultural exhibition on “Tempête” ground in Bujumbura the capital, tradespeople who participated in the exposition said it was beneficial to them. September 11 was the last day of the Kenya trade fair. Customers rushed to visit as many stands as (...)
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OLUCOME asks the government to fight the security fees scam

09-08-2016 The Observatory for the Fight against Corruption and Economic Embezzlement (OLUCOME) says it is deeply concerned about the illegal collection of what the perpetrators, presumed to be the Imbonerakure, call security fees in Buterere, Kamenge and Kinama areas in the urban district of Ntahangwa in the Capital Bujumbura since (...)
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More than 26, 000 Coffee Trees Ravaged by Wildfire

09-06-2016 The plantations which were destroyed by fire are located in the northern provinces of Burundi. According to Joseph Ntirabampa, the chairman of the National Confederation of Associations of Coffee farmers in Burundi (CNAC), bushfires damaged coffee plantations in various provinces especially Karuzi where 1, 995 coffee trees were burned (...)
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Kenyan Exposition at “Tempête” ground

09-06-2016 Economic operators from different domains such as education, telecommunication, investment, art, agriculture, bank, tourism… were gathered at Tempête ground since September 2nd for the third trade fair organized by Kenya. This exposition which was officially launched on September 5th aimed at pushing Burundian and Kenyan businessmen to share experience. (...)
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Burundi hardly promotes agribusiness

08-31-2016 In a press conference held yesterday in Bujumbura on the project “Promoting Agriculture, Climate and Trade Linkages in East African Community, Second Phase (PACT- EAC2)”, Severin Sindayikengera, director of the national food technology centre (CNTA) explained that Burundi is facing many challenges in relation to the promotion of the (...)
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Fighting against corruption at a glacial pace in Burundi

08-29-2016 In a press conference held on 26 August by Faustin Ndikumana, the Chairman of PARCEM, the local NGO concerned with awakening and changing people’s mentality deplores the fact that six years after the head of state had declared zero tolerance to acts of corruption and economic embezzlement, nothing was (...)
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Young Women Certificated After Boot Camp

08-29-2016 45 young women participated in a month-training organized by the US Embassy under the theme “turn your talent into your business”. On 26 August, they were certificated following their efforts and endeavors after that training held at Kinindo American Corner. “Know your talent and believe in it…you can but (...)
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Option for solar energy is changing lives of rural inhabitants

08-12-2016 The use of solar energy is gaining momentum in rural areas. It is improving living conditions of rural communities and offers some economic opportunities at low cost as testimonies collected from the rural district of Kabezi indicate. Solar power system is transforming places that traditionally did not access electricity (...)