' Fanta

Rise in soft drink price to give consumers a hard time

12-06-2016 Brarudi, which is the largest producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Burundi, has increased the price of soft drinks by BIF 100 from BIF 600 to BIF 700 from 5 December 2016. The company justifies the decision by “the increase in prices of imported raw materials used to (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana “We should move from speeches by political leaders and sensitization campaigns to concrete actions to effectively fight corruption in Burundi”

Impunity fosters corruption in Burundi, watchdog says

12-06-2016 “We should move from speeches by political leaders and sensitization campaigns to concrete actions to effectively fight corruption in Burundi. Awareness is still needed but it is not enough as the situation is becoming more and more alarming “, says Faustin Ndikumana, Chairman of the local NGO aiming at (...)
' Sugar price increase in Bujumbura City

Sugar price increase in Bujumbura City

11-29-2016 The price of sugar varies between BIF 2400 and BIF 2600 in some Bujumbura neighborhoods while the official price is BIF 1900. In Bwiza neighborhood of Mukaza Commune, a kg of sugar costs BIF 2400. “We can hardly find sugar. It has gone scarce since the past two weeks”, (...)
' Sociopolitical crisis is main cause of GDP decline, watchdog says

Sociopolitical crisis is main cause of GDP decline, watchdog says

11-25-2016 The Observation for Fight against Corruption and Economic Embezzlement (OLUCOME) has sounded the alarm on Burundi’s economic situation. It is calling for all relevant parties to engage in inclusive talks to find solutions to the socio-political, economic and security crisis facing Burundi since April 2015. In a declaration issued (...)
' The price of staple food has increased these days

Staple food prices soar by up to two thirds in Bujumbura

11-11-2016 The price of the staple foods has increased by up to 67% at a key market in Bujumbura. At the Buyenzi Market called “Chez Sion”, the price of rice from Zambia has risen to BIF 400 per kilo from BIF 1200 just one month ago. Rice from Tanzania costs (...)
' All parking spaces are now chargeable to vehicle users.

No more free parking in Bujumbura the capital

11-03-2016 From November 1st, all public parking spaces are charged for all cars in Bujumbura. This new measure imposed by the Bujumbura city mayor did not go down well with vehicle owners. Since the beginning of November, all the users of means of transport such as vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles (...)
' Jean Pierre Guengant, UNFPA economic expert : “ with the prevalence of 20% of contraceptives use, a Burundian woman had an average of six children. Today, the average is probably low. It is estimated at 4.6 children per woman.”

Burundian population may double in 2050

10-20-2016 Burundian Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (ISTEEBU) in collaboration with UNFPA has organized a workshop this October 19 to publish the results of a survey jointly conducted on the demographic situation in Burundi. The workshop aimed to analyze the benefits that the country could get from a demographic (...)
' Léonard sentore:"The tax collected in that locality could no longer pay the salary of one OBR agent"

Government suspends trade at Burundi-Rwanda border point

10-14-2016 All trade at the Kanyaru-Bas border point in northern Ngozi Province has been suspended since the government closed the customs office at the crossing on 11 October. The government says it closed the customs office at Kanyaru-Bas due to low levels of traffic since July, when they imposed a (...)
' Muha emergency bridge is now operational

Muha emergency bridge now functional

10-11-2016 The makeshift bridge connecting Muha and Mukaza municipalities which was destroyed following the torrential rains that fell in Bujumbura on Saturday night is now operational. This bridge was built to temporarily replace the former one under construction for four months since it got destroyed and thus blocking the usual (...)
' Faustin Ndikumana appeals to parliamentarians to urge the government to submit promptly the execution of the third 2016 quarterly budget report

PARCEM deplores Burundi government delay in submitting budget bill

10-06-2016 The local NGO aiming at awakening conscience and changing Burundians’ mentality (PARCEM) deplores Burundi government’s delay in sending the budget bill for 2017 to the parliament.”It is through the budget law that we really see the orientation of political development, economic strategies and decisions taken by the government in (...)