' Fuel shortage sparks controversy between government authorities over cause

Fuel shortage sparks controversy between government authorities over cause

04-20-2017 The Ministry of Energy and Mining says the shortage of fuel earlier his week was due to a “technical breakdown” that interrupted clearance processes within the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR), an allegation the Authority denies. From last Monday till yesterday, many of the fuel pumps around Bujumbura town were (...)
' All processed products must meet quality control standards, says BBN official

All processed products must meet quality control standards, says BBN official

04-20-2017 Flour, maize, fruits, sunflower oil, banana wine, juice, rice, coffee… are some of the agricultural products exhibited in a three-day trade fair being held in the capital Bujumbura on the occasion of the week of the agro-food promotion. Some of the products are yet to be certified by Burundi (...)
' Participants in 22nd meeting of the Committee of Directors of the Central Banks held in Bujumbura

COMESA launch of monetary union postponed to 2030

03-30-2017 Based on the assessments by the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) monetary institute, the launch of monetary union that was expected by January 2018 has been postponed to 2030. The date set by the COMESA Summit of Heads of State, which proposes to establish the Monetary (...)
' Vehicles queuing up at Kinindo City Oil gas station

Bujumbura residents complain about fuel shortage

03-29-2017 Since 28 March, there are long queues of vehicles waiting for fuel at different gas stations in the capital Bujumbura. The residents fear that the situation may get worse. The Ministry of Energy and Mines reassures them, however. “I have been looking for fuel since 5a.m. but in vain. (...)
' Séverin Sindayikengera, Director of CNTA: “There is a need to work in synergy”.

Burundi food industry needs to be supported

03-23-2017 Development Action and Regional Integration-ADIR Burundi has organized this 23 March a meeting with all stakeholders in the development of the agro-business. The climate and trade aspects of food security in Burundi as well as the promotion of food industry were the main focus in the meeting. Nicolas Mazina (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock “This project aims to improve the productivity of smallholders and their access to the market.”

Burundi receives US $ 25 million to improve food security

03-16-2017 The International Development Association (IDA) through the World Bank has provided additional funding of US $ 25 million to Burundi. On 16 March, the Burundi National Assembly has adopted the release of that funding which will be used in the implementation of the Productivity and Agricultural Markets Development Project (...)
' Consumers of the capital Bujumbura say their rights are not respected.

Burundi Consumer rights “not fully respected”, says ABUCO

03-15-2017 While the world celebrates the Consumer Rights Day this 15 March, the Burundian association of consumers (ABUCO) says its members don’t actually enjoy their rights. “How on earth could we say that consumer rights are respected when some measures are imposed without our consent?” says a consumer from the (...)
' Léonard Sentore, OBR Commissioner General: “We opened two offices in the country and plan to open more others and expand the collection of taxes”

OBR determined to expand tax collection

03-07-2017 Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs has organized this 7 March, a closing sensitization campaign on tax collection. Decentralization and tax reduction were the main concerns of taxpayers. “We don’t know how the rent tax will be levied in addition to different taxes (...)
' KOBIL station of Kamenge was not providing fuel

Fuel shortage in Bujumbura city

03-07-2017 Bujumbura residents say fuel is increasingly becoming scarce in the capital city. They fear that the situation may get worse. Some service stations were not distributing fuel yesterday. “For over two weeks, we have no fuel. I do not know what has happened, “said one“KOBIL” gas station attendant” at (...)
' Some imported staple food will be exempted from taxes

Government to remove taxes on some imported staple foods

03-03-2017 Due to the deterioration of food security and the rise in prices of some staple foods, the government plans to remove all taxes on certain imported products. “The tax and customs duty exemption on basic products should cover customs duties, administrative charges and value added tax”, says Philippe Nzobonariba, (...)