' CVMR and Minister of Mines and Energy signed a research Convention on Nickel and associated minerals in Waga-Nyabikere and Mukanda localities

About 1,500 job opportunities to be created by CVMR Mining Company

11-20-2017 The Ministry of Energy and Mines has signed this 20 November, research conventions with CVMR Energy Minerals Incorporation of Toronto Canada for exploring mineral concessions in Waga-Nyabikere and Mukanda areas. The latter have proven and estimated reserves of Nickel, Cobalt, Iron, copper, PGMs, Vanadium and titanium Kamran M. Khozan, (...)
' Passengers may use Platinum agency to travel to Kampala-Uganda via Kigali

Passengers for Kampala may now pass through Kigali or Tanzania

11-15-2017 Passengers from Burundi to Kampala are no longer obliged to pass through Tanzania. Since two months, travel agencies can also go through Kigali. It is a huge relief for traders and passengers. Shopkeepers sourcing from Uganda welcome the situation. “Kigali way is too short and the transportation conditions are (...)
' AllegriaNduwimana making wrapping papers

Entrepreneurship in Burundi: Not easy but possible…

11-14-2017 Despite various handicaps to entrepreneurship in Burundi such as the limited access to finance, lack of entrepreneurial spirit and the Burundian culture, some young Burundians have proved that entrepreneurship is possible. Allegria Nduwimana is a young entrepreneur who produces biodegradable packaging. Grown up in a club promoting the protection (...)
' Pelate Niyonkuru: “A foreign trader who leaves the country without paying all his debts can be sued now”

Adopted bill on trader insolvency to help reduce bankruptcy risks?

11-09-2017 Burundi National Assembly adopted a bill on trader insolvency on 08 November, 2017. The new law will allow insolvent businessmen to lodge a complaint and the institutions to sue foreign traders unable to pay debts even outside the country. Some MPs questions its efficiency. Traders who go bankrupt or (...)
' The number of tourists who come to Burundi is very low

BBIN report reveals hotel occupancy rate in Burundi is 10%

11-07-2017 Pierre Claver Nduwumwami, Director General of Burundi Business Incubator, says the hotel occupancy rate is very low as the number of tourists who come to Burundi is very low. “The purchasing power of domestic customers who occupy rooms in hotels is low,” he says. He also says the tourism (...)
' Unroasted Burundian coffee

Burundian coffee exporters fear going bankrupt

11-07-2017 In a meeting that Burundian coffee exporters held on November 03, they said the fall in the price of coffee at the international market is one of the causes of problems they are currently faced with. Burundian coffee exporters say they fear going bankrupt. They say one of the (...)
' Prosper Ngendanganya: “The revised bank law protects more the consumers of banking services”

One year given to bank debtors to sell their mortgaged property

11-07-2017 The central bank has recently revised the law on banks and included some innovations. Some of them are the protection of consumers of financial services and improved access to credit. Based on daily activities and Burundi integration into the East African community, the Central Bank decided to review some (...)
' Lake Tanganyika Transport will be soon be operational

$ 600 million to improve central corridor infrastructures

11-01-2017 The East African Community (EAC) and Central Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agency (CCTTFA) in collaboration with the World Bank will meet on 2 and 3 November .The aim will be to look into how the project on Lake Tanganyika Transport Program should be supported. The World Bank has committed (...)
' The exchange rate of foreign currencies has decreased significantly

Foreign currency prices collapse on black market

10-31-2017 There has been a significant decrease in exchange rate of foreign currencies like the US dollar and Euro since Monday 30 October. People wonder if this is to last longer. In different foreign currency exchange offices operating in Bujumbura where Iwacu passed last Monday, a fall in prices of (...)
' Ramadhani Nkwirikiye: We will try so that whoever has a market registration card has a stand.

Traders demand to resume activities in newly rehabilitated markets.

10-16-2017 Six former markets were recently rehabilitated and a new one was constructed in Bujumbura. Traders have not yet returned to those markets though they were inaugurated two months ago. As it will rain soon, traders want to restart their activities in those markets. They display their goods under a (...)