' Musaga Market would be opened as soon as possible

Burundi: Another appointment to open rehabilitated markets

06-19-2018 Ramadhan Nkurikiye, Chairman of the Commission in charge of rehabilitated markets in the capital Bujumbura says the delay of materials, the payment of guarantee fee by traders and the large number of stands are among the major causes of the delay of the opening of the six rehabilitated markets. (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema: “3,058,150 goats and sheep were vaccinated all over the country

Burundi: Import of small ruminants forbidden until further notice

06-14-2018 After a sheep and goat plague that had struck small ruminants throughout the country in December 2017, the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock has removed all measures that were taken to reduce the free movement, trade and slaughtering of those domestic animals, this 13 June. “After 21 days (...)
' Alexis Mpawenimana: “Crop rotation is one of the strategies that can help combat spodoptera frugiperda”.

Fall armyworm invasion in Burundi to be contained

06-08-2018 The invasion of the fall armyworm also known as spodoptera frugiperda was first reported in Burundi in February 2016 in Cibitoke province. This species attacks cereals such as maize, sorghum and beans that are widely consumed in Burundi. The ministry of agriculture intends to hold a sensitization campaign on (...)
' Déo Guide Rurema: “3,058,150 goats and sheep were vaccinated all over the country

Over three million small ruminants vaccinated throughout Burundi

06-06-2018 Following a sheep and goat plague that had struck Burundi for the first time in December 2017, the ministry of Agriculture and Livestock launched a vaccination campaign on April 9th which ended on May 29th. Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, says to be satisfied with the (...)
' Foreign currency has increased due to different reasons

Burundi: US Currency has increased

05-23-2018 On 22 May, the US currency is bought at BIF 2530 and sold at BIF 2550. The situation is similar in five exchange offices in the capital Bujumbura where Iwacu visited. Forex traders say setting the price of the US currency depends on supply and demand. Two weeks ago, (...)
' Charles Ntirampeba: “We don’t want to see anybody standing for more than ten minutes waiting for a bus in the future”.

Public transport reorganization in Bujumbura raises complaints

05-09-2018 Since the past two weeks, there has been a new organization of public transport in the city of Bujumbura. Some bus stops have been removed others created. Some passengers complain. Séraphine Nitunga, a woman in her forties met on ‘28 Novembre’ road, near Roi Khaled Hospital in the morning, (...)
' Domitien Ndihokubwayo: “ We can confirm that the results of the fourth quarter 2014 are satisfactory with a rate of realisation of 108. 3% which shows an increase of BIF 14.6 billion.” ©Iwacu

Burundi to become member of AFREXIM-Bank soon

04-13-2018 The National Assembly has analyzed and adopted a bill for Burundi to join the African Bank of Export-Import-AFREXIM-Bank. Domitien Ndihokubwayo, Finance Minister who presented the bill at the National Assembly says the bank will be of paramount importance for the country. “Economic operators will have facilities related to the (...)
' Vehicles in the queue at Kigobe City Oil” station

Burundi: Petrol shortage due to disruption in supply

04-06-2018 The capital Bujumbura has facing shortage of fuel since the past three days. Vehicle users fear intentions of a further rise in its price. At around 10 a. m. this 5 April, vehicles were lining up in long queues on some gas stations which are still providing petrol in (...)
' Léonard Sentore: “API does not have sufficient means to control all new companies”

API unable to control all companies operating in Burundi

04-06-2018 The Investment Promotion Agency (API) has said it is unable to regulate all the companies operating in Burundi due to limited budget. Léonard Sentore, Director of API, has said that this Thursday 05 April. While informing the public about the achievements of the agency during the first term of (...)
' Participants in the meeting of the 16th annual meeting of the African Association of Lawyers of Banking and Financial Institutions held in Bujumbura

Banking law professionals from 12 African countries meet in Burundi

04-04-2018 Burundi is hosting the 16th annual meeting of the African Association of Lawyers of Banking and Financial Institutions (AJBEF) since 3 April. For 3 days, banking law professionals representing 12 African countries will be discussing the challenges that the sector is faced with, said Clément Nduwimana, the chairman of (...)
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