' Gilbert Niyongabo: “Out of three people, two are not able to satisfy their daily food and non-food needs”.

64.6% of Burundians live in poverty, economic expert says

10-18-2018 While the world celebrates the Day for Eradication of Poverty on 17 October, studies reveal that economic and political crises, natural disasters, violence, loss of biodiversity…have caused poverty among Burundians. Gilbert Niyongabo, an economic expert says the poverty line in Burundi has moved from 67.1% in 2006 to 64.6% (...)
' Emmanuel Niyungeko: “Serious measures have been taken and those in charge of paying coffee growers have to respect the set deadline”

Deadline for 2018-2019 Coffee Campaign payment fixed in 2 weeks

10-04-2018 Emmanuel Niyungeko, Director General of the regulatory authority of the coffee sector –ARFIC, says a meeting chaired by the Minister of Agriculture with institutions operating in coffee sector, private banks and the central bank was held to find a solution to the problem of delay in the payment of (...)
' Despite its opening, several stands and shops of Ngagara Markets are still under constructions

Few traders took places in Ngagara rehabilitated market

09-21-2018 Opened on 10 September, the third of shops and stands already constructed are occupied in the newly rehabilitated market located in Ntahangwa municipality in the north of the capital Bujumbura. That market has about 930 places of stands and 320 shops. Anastase Sazi, commissioner of Ngagara market says traders (...)
' One of the ten boats on the shore of Lake Tanganyika being unloaded of a few boxes of fish and empty racks of “Primus” beer.

Business activities in Rumonge port slow down

09-19-2018 “Increased” taxes, Burundian currency depreciation… are some causes of a slow movement of Congolese traders at Rumonge port. As a result, trade has slowed down for more than two months. It is around 10:00 a.m. in Rumonge port, southern province of Burundi. On 10 September, a dozen boats that (...)
' Meteorological station in Nyabiraba

Rainfall to be generally higher than normal, IGEBU forecasts

09-14-2018 “Seasonal rainfall in September, October, November and December 2018 will be above normal climatic conditions in a larger part of Burundi,” said Augustin Ngenzirabona, Hydrometeorology and Agglomeration Director at the Geographical Institute of Burundi (IGEBU) on September 13. According to weather forecasts, the western, north-western and central parts of (...)
' Déo-Guide Rurema: “This bill is proposed to increase livestock production and preserve the environment”

Senate adopts bill on zero grazing system

09-13-2018 The minister of agriculture and livestock has told senators that the objective of the bill is to increase agricultural and animal production. Déo-Guide Rurema, Minister of agriculture and livestock, says permanent stalling allows the cattle to quickly gain weight and this steps up the production and quality of meat (...)
' Léopold Kabura: “We expect much from media professionals’ contribution to the increase in tax collection”.

OBR exhorts journalists to raise awareness of role of tax collection

09-07-2018 Burundi Revenue Authority has organized this 6 September, a workshop for journalists of local radio stations and newspapers to raise awareness of the importance of paying taxes. Léopold Kabura, Deputy Commissioner of Burundi Revenue Authority says any taxpayer will pay taxes if s/he understands a little a bit the (...)
' The bus fare inside the country increases by 5%

Bus fare increases by 5% in Burundi

08-10-2018 “The bus fare in Bujumbura city increases from BIF 380 to 400, while transport prices inside the country must not exceed a 5% increase for both people and goods,” reads in a communiqué jointly released on August 9th by the Ministries of Commerce, Transport, Energy and Mine as well (...)
' Gas pump attendant asks BIF 2400 per liter of gasoline

Burundi government increases gasoline and diesel prices

08-09-2018 Prices per liter of gasoline and diesel at the gas pump respectively increase from BIF 2, 250 to 2,400 and from BIF 2,250 to 2,350 since August 8. Oil price remains unchanged. Côme Manirakiza, the Minister of Energy says the fuel price increases is relative to the increase in (...)
' Lumitel employees say they are engaged in a pacific fight to defend their working conditions

Burundi: Lumitel employees denounce unfair working conditions

08-08-2018 About 400 staff members of Vietel Burundi Cell Company known as “Lumitel” throughout the country have organized a demonstration peaceful march in the morning of 7 August to stand against harsh and unfair working conditions. All of them were wearing black shirts and T-shirts. “We would like to show (...)
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