' Bundles of worn-out BIF 100 banknotes and piles of coins of BIF 50

A currency that converts into itself

02-07-2017 Small money has become so rare. Assistants to drivers of public transport are the first to be affected by the phenomenon. “Get in only if you have small money”, that’s a repeated warning -annoying to some- that bus passengers around Bujumbura city always hear from turnboys. Ignoring the warning (...)
' gaston  sindi

Bank to support youth projects, says Burundi Vice-President

02-04-2017 The Burundian government intends to set up an investment bank for the youth, the First Burundi Vice-President told journalists. In an attempt to promote development and to avert Burundi’s looming youth crisis, President Nkurunziza has announced plans to set up an investment bank that will provide loans to young (...)
' Laurent Nkurikiye, chairman of COWASA, “we intend to meet the BRB authorities to discuss the exchange rate from US$ to Burundi Francs”

Burundi exporters forced to open foreign currency accounts to boost government’s foreign exchange

01-27-2017 The Governor of the Central Bank of Burundi announced on 24 January the repatriation of the foreign currencies resulting from the export of coffee, tea and mineral products. Exporters are concerned about the exchange rate from US$ to Burundi Francs given by the Central Bank. “Exporters will have to (...)
' Roger Guy Gyslain Ntwengeye, Head of Financial Stability Service in Central Bank: "The non-payment rate in BRB is 23 %"

Non-payment by mortgagors and currency scarcity threaten Burundi financial stability

01-26-2017 On Wednesday 25 January 2017, Roger Guy Gyslain Ntwengeye, Head of the financial Stability Service in Burundi Central Bank-BRB, has presented a report about the financial situation of the country from 2015 to date. The report mentions different threats to financial stability, mainly the non-payment by mortgagors and lack (...)
' Gabriel Rufyiri: "Of over 3 millions of hungry Burundians, more than 1 million may die in if they are not granted urgent assistance"

“Burundi falls into humanitarian assistance phase”, says corruption watchdog

01-25-2017 In a press release of 25 January, the anti-corruption organization OLUCOME calls on Burundi government to reduce the fiscal measures imposed on taxpayers in order to fight hunger that affects the Burundian population. “Of over 3 millions of hungry Burundians, more than 1 million may die if they are (...)
' Mr. Rurimunzu Déogratias
“The number subscribers to internet increased with the introduction of 3G”

Burundi Agency of Telecommunication Regulation to improve internet services

01-19-2017 “The rate of entry of internet is 8.2% in Burundi while the medium rate in East Africa is 30%”, said Déogratias Rurimunzu, Managing Director of Burundi Agency in charge of Telecommunication Regulation (ARCT). An improvement is needed. The rate of entry of internet shows that few people in the (...)
' Beans sale point in Kamenge area, North Bujumbura.

Kirundo and Muyinga Governors’ protective measures cause beans shortage in Bujumbura

01-18-2017 Beans, a staple food in Burundi, have been scarce in the capital since the end of 2016, costing 50% more than they did in October. Kamenge wholesalers say the shortage of beans in the capital Bujumbura might stem from the measures by governors of some northern provinces to restrict (...)
' j claude

Burundi Mine and Quarry Authority committed to fighting mineral illicit trade

01-18-2017 Jean Claude Nduwayo, Director General of Burundi Mine and Quarry Authority-OBM, says minerals do not belong to individuals but to the government. He says only companies or cooperatives are allowed to exploit them. “Jérémie Bampanze from Kayanza northern Province was arrested on Saturday 14 January 2017 accused of illegal (...)
' The rise in price of staple food causes inflation

Inflation, cause of price increase in Burundi

01-17-2017 Parcem, a local NGO for mentality change in Burundi, has launched this 17 January a sensitization campaign against inflation following the rise in price of some products. Some causes of inflation are the price increase of stable food, the lack of foreign currency, the increase of tax collection, the (...)
' Fares on public transport increased

Burundi’s 2017 budget hitting consumers as government raises cost of fuel, and now bus fares

01-13-2017 The ministries of commerce and transport increased fares on public transport in Bujumbura on Thursday 12th January, due to the rising cost of fuel. Fares will rise from BIF 300 to BIF 350 in Bujumbura, and by 11% in the rest of the country. The rise in the cost (...)