Gabonese President visits Burundi

Ali Bongo, Gabonese President and Chairman of the Economic Community of Central African States is in Burundi for a one-day-visit, this 13 April. On his arrival at Bujumbura International Airport at around 11:30, he was welcomed by Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Gabonese President Ali Bongo was welcomed by his Burundi counterpart

Gabonese President Ali Bongo was welcomed by his Burundi counterpart

He says he has visited Burundi within the framework of a tour started in all Central African Countries, members of the economic community to inquiry about the current situation. “We have talked about the problems the regional community is faced with,” says Gabonese president.

He also says the visit is a result of the discussions held with his counterparts suggesting that the President-in-Office should visit the member states of the community to discuss the problems of the sub-region in general and those of each country in particular. He also says that they talked about bilateral cooperation to promote the development of the sub-region.

Regarding the tensions between Burundi and Rwanda, President Ali Bongo says only the dialogue should help find solutions to all the problems. “We are aware of the situation but as ECCAS often suggests, dialogue should be put forth to resolve all issues,” he says.

Concerning the upcoming elections in Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza says they are not included among regional issues. “Elections are only a country’s concern,” says President Nkurunziza.

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