CNARED asks Facilitation to postpone 4th round of dialogue

The National Council for the Respect of the Arusha Agreement (CNARED), the main platform of Burundi opposition in exile, asks the facilitation to postpone the on-going dialogue.

Pancrace Cimpaye: “ The Facilitation should postpone this dialogue”

Pancrace Cimpaye: “ The Facilitation should postpone this dialogue”

In a statement issued by CNARED on 27 November, Pancrace Cimpaye, CNARED spokesman, asks the facilitation to postpone the 4th session of the dialogue that has just started. “CNARED asks the facilitator to postpone this session in order to hold consultations with all stakeholders to agree on a consensual agenda, a joint representation of negotiating stakeholders as well as reassuring security conditions”

CNARED has decided to boycott the fourth session of the inter-Burundian dialogue, held in Tanzania from 27 November to 8 December.

Cimpaye particularly calls for the involvement of the United Nations and the African Union “This dialogue causes dangers that may be harmful to the whole country. I appeal to the international community particularly the UN and the AU to help organise an inclusive dialogue”.

Cimpaye says Burundi government is not also present in the dialogue. He wonders then, which parties would sign the agreement.

Bujumbura is represented by Térence Ntahiraja, permanent secretary and spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior.

The fourth session of the dialogue between the Burundian government and opposition opened in Arusha on November 27, under the auspices of the East African Community (EAC).

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