Frodebu Nyakuri: Not yet united with Sahwanya Frodebu

03-12-2019 Keffa Nibizi, chairman of Frodebu Nyakuri party has said those who joined Sahwanya Frodebu party on Saturday, 9 March, are members excluded from Frodebu Nyakuri and former members of the opposition platform in exile-CNARED. “None of our representatives or followers joined any other political party”, he said adding that (...)

FRODEBU withdraws from CNARED

10-20-2018 Sahwanya FRODEBU party has decided to leave the opposition platform in exile CNARED from this 18 October, in order to work independently. It says it will keep following the ideology of Melchior Ndadaye, the democracy hero. Pierre Claver Nahimana, chairman of Sahwanya FRODEBU party says their withdrawal from the (...)

CNARED calls for referendum boycott

04-02-2018 The opposition platform in exile calls on Burundians to boycott the constitutional referendum. Lack of realism for some people. “Boycott” is the instruction launched by CNARED in a statement released in the evening of last Wednesday. In concrete terms, it is not a question of participating in the referendum (...)

Burundi: Opposition in exile calls for Inter-Burundian dialogue before referendum

03-30-2018 Following the meeting held from 22 to 26 March in Belgium, the executive leaders of the opposition in exile-CNARED believe that stopping the referendum process and considering the supremacy of the Arusha Agreement should be prerequisites. “CNARED is willing to participate in the inter-Burundian dialogue sessions as a last (...)

CNARED condemns authorities’ attitude to oblige Burundians to register for upcoming elections

02-15-2018 In a communiqué released this Wednesday February 14, the National Council for Arusha Agreement Respect and Rule of Law-CNARED, an opposition platform in exile, deplores Burundi authorities’ behaviour to force people to register for constitutional referendum and 2020 elections. Pancrace Cimpaye, Spokesperson for this platform says people have not (...)

CNARED New Executive Board for negotiated solution to Burundi crisis

11-29-2017 The National Council for the Arusha Agreement Respect and Rule of Law-CNARED, an opposition platform in exile, has just elected new members to the executive board in Belgium, this 28 November. The newly elected CNARED executive board says it plans to continue with its struggle for a negotiated solution (...)

CNARED asks Facilitation to postpone 4th round of dialogue

11-28-2017 The National Council for the Respect of the Arusha Agreement (CNARED), the main platform of Burundi opposition in exile, asks the facilitation to postpone the on-going dialogue. In a statement issued by CNARED on 27 November, Pancrace Cimpaye, CNARED spokesman, asks the facilitation to postpone the 4th session of (...)

Special UN Secretary-General Envoy to Burundi pleads for Inclusive Dialogue

11-21-2017 In a review of his mission over three months to the UN Security Council, Michel Kafando, Special Envoy of the Secretary –General to Burundi, says the United Nations must continue its mission of good offices, alongside the sub-region, to help Burundi come out of the crisis despite persistent problems. (...)

Burundi opposition coalition CNARED not to participate in upcoming talks’ session

11-16-2017 The coalition of opposition political parties in exile CNARED says it will not participate in the inter-Burundian talks scheduled from 26 November to 8 December in Arusha. The facilitation plans to repatriate the dialogue process in Burundi, which is a way to exclude opponents in exile, according to CNARED. (...)
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CNARED condemns Tanzanian and Ugandan Presidents’ position over ICC decision

11-13-2017 CNARED, the opposition coalition in exile deplores the position of the Ugandan and Tanzanian presidents saying the latter have not a convincing argument. In a meeting held in Masaka in Uganda this 11 November, Ugandan and Tanzanian presidents condemned the recent decision of the ICC authorizing the prosecutor to (...)