Burundi Revenue Authority rewards five best taxpayers

«Dukorere Hamwe Dusoze Ikivi Cooperative» from West region, Ena from East region, Charles Niyonkuru from Gitega Province, joiners’ workshop from Ngozi Diocese and the Mediser from South region were motorcycle for paying taxes on time. Those laureates are from four areas of the country.

Best taxpayers were rewarded with motorbikes

Audace Niyonzima, Commissioner General of Burundi Revenue Authority has said those people are rewarded to encourage them to continue to pay regularly taxes and serve as good examples for others. “It’s better that taxpayers understand that paying taxes doesn’t lead to failure in business”, he says.

Niyonkuru Charles, one of the laureates says he paid regularly taxes thanks to the information provided by the revenue authority agents operating in Gitega Province. “They clearly explain the importance of paying taxes on time”, he says adding that all taxpayers should do the same instead of thinking that paying taxes is a burden.

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