“Burundi: Démocratie piégée”, book that testifies about Burundi painful past

Former president Sylvestre Ntibantunganya, officially launched his book “Burundi: Démocratiepiégée” this February 8, 2019. The book tells about the country’s painful past.


Sylvestre Ntibantunganya: “I dedicated this book to the Burundian youth experiencing a painful past.”

Sylvestre Ntibantunganya says he wrote the book because key political actors in Burundi’s history have a duty to testify to the country’s painful past to prepare for a bright future.

He also says the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR needs those testimonies while carrying out its work. “CVR has been at work for almost four years. To fulfill its mission, it needs all the people who have truths, testimonies and confessions to reveal. This book will help them”.

President Ntibantunganya also says he has written this book for young Burundian people. “This book is dedicated to the Burundian youth suffering a painful past,” he says, adding that young people are at high risk of being manipulated and therefore need to know the truth about past events.

Some of the speakers acknowledged the rigor and neutrality of this book.

CVR chairman says he salutes the work of the former President of the Republic. “In a country that is thirsty for truth, I think what he has done is lofty. Burundi still needs live witnesses who give references to what has happened,” he says.

Agathon Rwasa, an opposition leader, says the book challenges the current political class in particular leaders to see if they are contributing to the bright future of the nation as stated by the author of the book.

Léandre Sikuyavuga, who represented Iwacu Europe publishing house, says the release of this book is an honor for Iwacu publishing house and all Iwacu journalists”.

He calls on other key actors in Burundi history to follow the example of the former president so as to help “feed the reflection”. The publishing house is here for you, he adds.

This 728-page book, divided into 8 chapters, is a testimony of President Ntibantunganya Sylvestre and is dedicated to Burundian youth.