IWACU English News

IWACU English News

The Year of the Nile Basin: Putting Water at the Heart of Regional Transformation

World Water Day, on March 22 every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. This year’s celebration coincides with The Year of the Nile Basin, as declared by the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI) Member States on January 27, 2019. The declaration is in relation to the 20th anniversary of the NBI, which […] (...)

ActionAid committed to Women’s effective employability

Put aside the relevant issue concerning valuing women’s work, the exchange workshop organized on Friday, March 15 by Actionaid, put a spotlight on women’s employability. “A real quiet force that it is worth making profitable,” said Léopold Bizimana, President of the Standing Committee on Human Rights at Burundi National Assembly. He alluded to all those […] (...)

Together, let’s value women’s work!

As part of the activities organized for the celebration of the day dedicated to women’s rights this Friday March 15, the NGO Action Aid held an exchange workshop with the actors in the protection of women’s rights. The theme was “The woman at the center of innovative programs of social protection “. Women’s work is […] (...)

Women leaders called on to help others in joining associations

All the women who attended the campaign for the promotion of women’s work in Bujumbura launched by Action Aid recognize the importance of grouping together into associations for their empowerment. Associations equip their members with knowledge in relation to their rights and introduce them to income generating activities. They also help them to access means […] (...)

Action Aid launches campaign to promote women’s work

“Women are the pillars of the family, community and economy. Their work within and outside their families contributes to the society’s development and well-being,” said Béata Musabyemariya, Country Director of Action Aid. She said that in the morning of Monday, 11 March 2019, in Bujumbura at the launch of the campaign to improve women’s working […] (...)

“Burundians know where they come from and where they are goin”

“Anyone who will attempt to overthrow government elected institutions will always be victim of their actions,” said President Pierre Nkurunziza, on Monday 20 August, in a speech to the nation, three years after he was elected president in 2015. According to him, Burundi is progressing in terms of multiparty system: “We are conforming ourselves to […] (...)

All aboard the Nile Basin! Why only collective action will enable us to reach our destination

You need to get home but the bus keeps breaking down. If all passengers on the bus combine efforts and push, they can successfully reach their destination – safe and sound. However, instead, some prefer to remain on board and not contribute to the collective effort. Eventually those pushing become exhausted and the destination is […] (...)

2018 Referendum

On this May 17, 2018, a constitutional referendum is being held throughout Burundi. Iwacu has dispatched its reporters in different corners of the country to update its audience on the ongoing process every hour. At 6:45a.m.: Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi President alongside his spouse cast a vote at Buye Fundamental School in Mwumba Commune of Ngozi […] (...)

“Imboneza yamaho”, which is the true meaning?

President Nkurunziza was promoted by his party’s central committee as “eternal visionary leader.” A cult of the personality, denounce some people. His title in Kirundi is “Imboneza yamaho”. It is difficult to translate both words without arousing controversy. This appointment was announced last weekend in Buye, the birthplace of the president. And everyone went back […] (...)

CNIDH Demoted

The Independent National Human Rights Commission has been demoted to status B. It denounces the “unfair decision” while others ensure that the latter is deserved. It is a severe blow to CNIDH. It is now relegated to status B; a gloomy status. Clearly, it loses its right to fully participate in regional and international networks. […] (...)
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