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IWACU English News

Those who doubt Nkurunziza’s legitimacy “are out of their minds” facilitator of dialogue says

Those who doubt Nkurunziza’s legitimacy “are out of their minds” facilitator of dialogue says (...)

National Assembly asks for support from Catholic Church

The closing of the year of Divine Mercy that was opened by Pope Francis last year on the 8th of December 2015 took place at Mont Sion Gikungu on the 20th of November In Bujumbura. All bishops of the Catholic Church and some government officials notably Pascal Nyabenda, Chairman of the National Assembly have attended […] (...)

AMISOM unknowns

The European Union commitment not to transfer the AMISOM Burundian contingent salaries through Treasury coffers makes Bujumbura government anxious. Is it a false alarm or does Burundi want to take another shocking decision? “We must inform ourselves and inform people on international conspiracy aiming to discredit our policemen and soldiers deployed in peacekeeping missions abroad, […] (...)

Debate on Deby

A statement by Chad Head of State, Idriss Deby, supporting the current term of President Pierre Nkurunziza creates controversy. Between “electoral appetites” of African leaders and the AU malfunctioning. “The constitution says the president must be elected for two terms by universal suffrage. The first term of President Pierre Nkurunziza was not by universal suffrage, […] (...)

When threatened, nature fights back: A case for wetlands

At a glance, wetlands – large expanses of swamps – seem like public nuisances, a waste of space; occupying prime land which could otherwise be turned into sprawling shopping malls, hotels or theme parks devoid of any green. Indeed, several wetlands in the Nile Basin have undergone degradation due to multiple contributing factors; settlements and […] (...)

Cool water, free of charge for any passer-by

At “Rutegama Downtown Jazz” hotel, on Avenue de l’Université (Bwiza side) is observed since the past few days, a queue of people, cups in hands, in front of a machine that gives water. Many of them are just bike-taxi users, children of the neighborhood; mechanics … Every passer-by is free to get a cup of […] (...)

2nd East African Community Child Rights Conference held in Nairobi

The 2nd EAC Child Rights Conference was held at the Desmond Tutu Conference Centre in Nairobi, Kenya from 25-26 August. The conference, placed under the theme “Coordinated and Sustained Investment in Children,” saw thirty children from Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan come together to discuss children’s rights in the region and imagine how […] (...)

A monologue dialogue

August 24, 2016, Bishop Justin Nzoyisaba, president of the National Commission for Inter-Burundian dialogue, presented at a press conference, a brief summary of a semi-annual report of the dialogue underway in Burundi. Proposals were received differently by the actors in the Burundi conflict. As it can be read in that report, “the vast majority of […] (...)

The director and WFP representative in Burundi is no longer alive

Jacques Roy passed away on Wednesday, 31 August at 10 am; he is victim of cardiac arrest. He was attending a UNHCR meeting with other heads of United Nations Agencies when he was taken ill. He retreated to a side room and after the first aids on the spot, he was urgently evacuated to Kira […] (...)

Arusha Agreement

Sixteen years after the signing of the Arusha Agreement, opinions differ about the place of the text in the country’s political life. Frédéric Bamvuginyumvira: “The CNDI aims to bury Arusha” “The ruling party CNDD-FDD is trying to hide behind the people it cheated. The same people who are paralyzed by fear are used to amend […] (...)