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Burundi: Reconciliation not yet achieved among UPRONA factions 57 years after legislative victory

On 18 September 1961, Uprona party led by Prince Louis Rwagasore won the legislative elections. The party followers have divided themselves into groups for a long time. Leaders of the party diverge on the reconciliation process. Abel Gashatsi, chairman of Uprona party says the victory the party won in the legislative elections on 18 September […] (...)

Burundi: Democracy still weakened, say politicians

On the eve of the celebration of the World Democracy Day on 15 September, politicians say there is still a long way to go towards strong and lasting democracy in Burundi. Abel Gashatsi, Chairman of Uprona party says there are some issues that need to find solutions even if the state institutions are democratically elected. […] (...)

Burundi: Foreign NGOs to respect constitutional ethnic balance in recruitment

Burundi Senate plans to conduct a survey among foreign Non-Governmental Organizations-NGOs to ensure that they respect 60% of “Hutu” and 40% of “Tutsi” ethnic groups. Anicet Niyongabo, Second Deputy Speaker of the Senate says the higher chamber of parliament will deploy a group of senators to carry out a field visit in different foreign NGOs. […] (...)

Burundi: Parents and students ready for new school year

Since the education ministry has announced the date of the beginning of the new school year, parents and students hurry to buy school materials. Notebooks, uniforms, pencils, pens… are displayed in different places of the capital Bujumbura. Pasteur Bizimana, a seller in Bujumbura says parents and students often start to buy school materials one week […] (...)

OBR exhorts journalists to raise awareness of role of tax collection

Burundi Revenue Authority has organized this 6 September, a workshop for journalists of local radio stations and newspapers to raise awareness of the importance of paying taxes. Léopold Kabura, Deputy Commissioner of Burundi Revenue Authority says any taxpayer will pay taxes if s/he understands a little a bit the procedures of tax collection. “We expect […] (...)

Burundi: UN Commission of Inquiry concerned over persistence of human rights violations

The UN commission of Inquiry on Burundi has presented its written report including the summary executions, arbitrary arrest and detentions, acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, sexual violence and forced disappearances. The members of the commission said the serious human rights violations, including some which constitute crimes against humanity, have continued […] (...)

Parents plead for reopening of closed schools one week before new school year

Following the decision of the ministry of education to close the fourth cycle (from 7th to 9th graders) of the fundamental school with poor performance a week before the new school year, parents say their children will not have way to study. Edouard Ndikumasabo, chairman of the national association of parents, pupils and students says […] (...)

Burundi: Closed schools’ representatives concerned about students’ future

The ministry of education has closed the fourth cycle (from 7th to 9th graders) of Fundamental teachings of at least thirty private schools operating in Burundi, among them “Lycée de l’avenir”, “Lycée technique Bukirasazi”, “Sunshine College”, “Lycée Technique de la Foi”, “Lycée de la Comibu de Nyabakiba”, “Lycée Jabe” …. The closed schools have got […] (...)

Burundi: Difficult to identify figures of disappeared people, says Human Rights Minister

While the World celebrates the day of Disappeared People on every 30 August, it is not easy to identity figures in Burundi despite their existence. Minister of Human Rights, however, comforts the families of victims. Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs, says there are cases of missing people in Burundi and […] (...)

Burundi: New CENI members approved without consent of all MPs

The National Assembly has approved seven members of the new Independent National Electoral Commission-CENI, namely Philippe Nzobonariba (Hutu), Annonciate Niyonkuru (Tutsi), Jean Anastase Hicuburundi (Hutu), Hyacinthe Niyonzima (Hutu), Serges Ndayiragije (Tutsi), Pierre-Claver Kazihise (Hutu)-, Marguerite Kamana (Hutu). Two of them, Philippe Nzobonariba- spokesperson for Burundi government and Serges Ndayiragije- Minister of Communication and Media are […] (...)
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