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Seven cases of cholera reported in Bujumbura

Four children, aged between 2 and 12, presenting with symptoms of cholera epidemic are in “Prince Regent Charles” hospital in the capital Bujumbura. They are all from Kinama neighborhood, located in the north of the capital. Since 15 January, seven people have been registered but among them, three have been treated and they recovered from […] (...)

PARCEM to set up Media Observatory

Faustin Ndikumana, chairman of PARCEM, an organization involved in the changes of mindset says the media observatory’s objective will be to follow closely activities done by media houses and their regulator-the National Communication Council. “Media play an important role in the country’s development. People give their points of view and leaders must know that they […] (...)

Politicians interpret differently CVR chairman message

In a one-week retreat held in Ngozi Province from 8 January, the chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has warned the members of the commission to not reveal any information without an official permission and avoid having ties with the former commission’s team. On 8 January, Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, the chairman of the commission […] (...)


The Burundian Democrats Rally- RDB party, wing of Jérèmie Minani is not satisfied with the achievements made by CNARED.  « Our counterparts continue to suffer in different refugee camps while those living in the country including thousands of illegal and political detainees are bullied”, says Jérèmie Minani, RDB chairman adding that the party has decided to […] (...)

Fuel shortage persists in Bujumbura

From the south to the north of the capital Bujumbura, few petrol stations were providing fuel and gasoil in the morning of 8 January. In the southern neighborhoods, Mogas station located in Kabondo quarter in Mukaza commune was providing fuel and gasoline after four days without working. Pump attendants met on the spot report that […] (...)

Politicians oppose BIF 50 million required for presidential candidates in 2020

The Ministry of Home Affairs met some leaders of political parties to analyze a draft bill on the electoral code for 2020 elections on 4 January. Among the innovations of the draft bill, a presidential candidate will put BIF 50 million instead of BIF 15 million required in the past years into the public treasury […] (...)

Cibitoke: Rugogo bridge to collapse

Rugogo bridge linking Mabayi to Bukinanyana commune in Cibitoke province is about to collapse at any moment. Administration officials reassure the local residents from both localities. Located at 118 km from the capital Bujumbura, Rugogo bridge connecting Mabayi commune to that of Bukinanyana can completely collapse at any moment. Only motorbikes and pedestrians can venture […] (...)

Amizero y’Abarundi coalition complains of exclusion in meeting on electoral code

Agathon Rwasa, Chairman of the Coalition of Independents “Amizero y’Abarundi” deplores that the Ministry of Home Affairs didn’t invite the coalition to attend the meeting on the electoral code process. “We are not invited because the current constitution excludes us like many other Burundians,” says Rwasa, the first deputy speaker of the National Assembly, adding […] (...)

Over eighty foreign NGOs re-registered

Three months after the government decided to suspend foreign NGOs operating in Burundi, the Ministry of Home Affairs says it has already re-registered 84 of them. Tharcisse Niyongabo, Assistant to the Minister of Home Affairs says 84 foreign NGOs are already re-registered after three months of suspension. “The deadline was set on 31 December and […] (...)

Entrepreneurship as cure for unemployed youths in Matana

Ligala, prostitution, poverty, unemployment and drug consumption are some of the challenges faced by young high school and university graduates from Matana commune in Bururi province. The Catholic Church has succeeded to gather unemployed youth into an association. It is a huge relief for the unemployed youths of Matana commune in Bururi province. More than […] (...)


Cibitoke: Rugogo bridge to collapse

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