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Teaching staff required to wear wrapper on World Labor Day

Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education urges all civil servants from her institution to prepare for the World Labor Day celebrated on 1 May. In a note issued on 11 April, Minister Ndirahisha says each civil servant must contribute an amount of BIF 18,500 to buy a wrapper that they will wear on the occasion. All […] (...)

Makamba administration reassures homeless returnees

Following the returnees’ concerns over the lack of homes in their localities, Makamba province governor reassures. “We will do our best to help them have their shelters,” says Gad Niyukuri, Makamba Governor. He said it after Burundian refugees who had returned from Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania on 10 April raised concerns over the lack of […] (...)

10% of water sources dried up in Burundi

Gaspard Ntakimazi, expert in hydrobiology says it is normal that water fountains get dry while others continue to dry up following climate changes. “We were not accustomed to water sources that dry up in the country but this used to happen in other countries throughout the world,” he says adding that there are fountains that […] (...)

Two local CSOs dismiss Burundi financial partners’ concerns over current situation

CAPES+ and PISC Burundi, two local Civil Society Organizations, say they have already noticed an election fever and other ill-intentioned tactics by local and foreign partners that could disrupt peace and security on the eve of the 2020 elections. Venant Hamza Burikukiye says the unfair and false condemnation by Burundi technical and financial partners constitutes […] (...)

Minister of Education warns pupils with tattoos

In an announcement made public this 7 April 2019, Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education reminds pupils, teachers and parents that pupils in primary and secondary schools have no right to have tattoos or put on things that may change their look. “Pupils with tattoos have no places in Burundian schools either in private or public […] (...)

Government measures not appropriate in current situation, says corruption watchdog

During the last cabinet meeting, participants analyzed and approved a draft bill on the state budget for 2019-2020 fiscal-year which moved from BIF 1,400.7 billion to BIF 1,500 billion. OLUCOME, however, denounces the decision. Gabriel Rufyiri, chairman of OLUCOME -a corruption watchdog says the government measures don’t match the current living conditions of the population. […] (...)

Bad times for opposition

Some of the opponents in the southern provinces of the country believe that political intolerance has intensified in these provinces. Victims denounce several arrests and ban on meetings. They ask the international community to follow the situation closely. According to the information collected on the spot by Iwacu correspondent, the leaders of the CNL, Frodebu, […] (...)

Over 49 thousand vulnerable households receive money to improve living conditions

About 49,165 vulnerable households identified in 16 communes from four provinces-Gitega, Ruyigi, Karusi and Kirundo have been registered to receive BIF 40 thousand per two months to improve their living conditions since July 2017. They are supported by “Merankabandi” project financed by the World Bank with a budget of USD 40 million. The project initially […] (...)

Nine CNL members detained in Cibitoke are released

At least nine followers of the National Congress for Liberty-CNL party from Murwi and Mugina communes in Cibitoke province have been released following the order of the Prosecutor General’s order in that province. Four CNL followers from Murwi commune were arrested on 17 March while others from Mugina commune were arrested on 25 March.   […] (...)

Ngozi cattle breeders concerned over ban on sale of granted cows

Some cattle breeders from Gashikanwa commune in Ngozi province, in the north of the country are complaining because they are not allowed to sell the cows given by the Development Sector Program- Prodefi. They said they ignored the reason why Prodefi and the local administration prevent them from selling one of the cows to satisfy […] (...)


Eight killed by hippos in Rumonge within five months

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CNC accuses “some media” of broadcasting unbalanced information

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Justice decision to seize properties of alleged coup plotters arouses controversy

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