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Agathon Rwasa appeals to Home Affairs Ministry decision

MP Agathon Rwasa says his new political party ( National Liberty Front-FNL Amizero y’Abarundi) seeking to be approved hasn’t any similarity with any existing political party. “It is not at all identical in reality,” he has said after submitting a letter shedding light on the arguments advanced by the Home Affairs Ministry as a reaction […] (...)

Burundi National Bank to boost productive sectors

Burundi Central Bank has organized, on November 8, a debate session with managing directors of commercial banks and microfinance institutions to assess the current macroeconomic situation. They have agreed upon improving the productive investments which have almost been neglected. Jean Ciza, Governor of Burundi National Bank says there are sectors that are not financed whereas […] (...)

Two local CSOs against results of 5th dialogue session

In a joint statement issued on November 6, CAPES and PISC Burundi local NGOs have said the office of the facilitator in the Inter-Burundian dialogue has failed. Hamza Venant Burikukiye, chairman of CAPES+ says the results of the 5th round of the Inter-Burundian dialogue bring no added value to Burundians. “Participants came from one side […] (...)

About 4000 Burundians reported victims of human trafficking since 2015, says FENADEB

Government, Civil Society Organizations and International Organizations remain concerned about human trafficking in Burundi. A debate session was organized this Tuesday, November 6, to elaborate a plan of integrated activities aimed at banning the trade of humans in the country. Jacques Nshimirimana, chairman of the national federation of associations defendingchildren’s rights-FENADEB says about 4000 young […] (...)

Over twenty foreign NGOs already re-registered

One month after the National Security Council has decided to suspend all foreign NGOs operating in Burundi for three months, the Ministry of Home Affairs says that the number of foreign NGOs that have already reregistered is satisfactory. Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of Home Affairs says twenty five foreign NGOs have already re-registered until 5 November. […] (...)

Media Regulator to intervene when journalists are persecuted, says ABR Chair

Onésime Harubuntu, chairman of the association of radio stations broadcasting from Burundi-ABR says there are now duties and rights for Burundian journalists thanks to the new press law dating from 14 September 2018. “Not only they have the right to get information and report it but also they and their equipment are protected.” He said […] (...)

Savings, puzzle for Burundians!

When the world celebrates the Savings Day on 31 October this year, Burundians find it difficult to make ends meet and can hardly make savings. However, financial institutions called on them to save the little money they have. “It’s impossible to make savings when we hardly succeed to cover all the family expenses,” says a […] (...)

Politicians absent in 5th dialogue session criticize resolution proposal

After a week of deep discussions in the 5th round of the Inter-Burundian Dialogue, participants came up with a common roadmap i.e. the resolution proposal for Burundi crisis. However, politicians who were not present in the session strongly criticize it. Jean De Dieu Mutabazi, chairman of RADEBU party says the document signed by a part […] (...)

Fifth dialogue session ended with common roadmap

The 5th session of the Inter-Burundian Dialogue that brought together the internal and external Burundian opposition has been closed on 29 October at ” Ngurdoto Mountain Lodge ”-in Arusha. A common roadmap also called a “crisis resolution proposal” was submitted to William Mkapa, facilitator in the Inter-Burundian dialogue. Ambassador David Kapya, Senior Advisor to the […] (...)

UN Human Rights Commissioner denounces Burundi defamatory attack on inquiry team

Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights urges Burundi government to make an immediate retraction of the inflammatory statement and offer a full apology to Mr. Doudou Diène and other commissioners as well as the UN Human Rights Council which created the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi. Michelle Bachelet has said the comments made […] (...)
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