Youth led associations to plant 6,000 trees in community service

23 youth led associations have, this Saturday 10 February, planted 6,000 grevillea trees on Sororezo hill in the northern part of Bujumbura city.

Youth from different associations planting trees on Sororezo hill

Youth from different associations planting trees on Sororezo hill

They joined together in an initiative called “Dusharize Uburundi” in the same spirit of the environment protection.

Jadot Nkurunziza, a young environmental activist and representative of these associations, says the youths are aware of the importance of trees. “As young people, we all know the importance of trees in our daily life. We have initiated this community service all together with 23 youth led associations and 6,000 grevillea trees have been planted in less than two hours”, he says.

He calls on other young people to get involved in the environment protection. “Even up country, young people have to get involved in the protection of the environment as the latter is the source of sustainable development”.

Ambassador Albert Mbonerane, environmental activist who joined in the activity was thrilled to see such a great number of young people gathered for a “noble cause”. He says this initiative has raised his hope that Burundi can still shine “It is a pleasure to see young people who are aware of their responsibility to protect the environment”.

Yves says he was motivated and determined to join in the initiative due to the hot climate that prevailed during the previous days. I wanted to sleep for long in the morning but, the question was: Will I be able to sleep in such climate in the future? Then, I left my bed and joined other young people”.

Nadia, a member of one of the associations, says a tree is like a brother and has to be protected. “Everyday activities partly depend on tree existence. From the very first thing I need when I wake up till I go again to bed, I need a safe environment. Even the air I’m breathing is the result of trees”, she says.

The 23 youth led associations work in separate sectors like arts, leadership, community services….Members of the associations believe they can do something more important and stronger while they join together, despite their different areas of interest. Those associations plan to organise other activities together as a forum in the future.