World Bank to only support trade facilitation in Great Lakes Region

Out of seven projects submitted by the Burundian government to the World Bank, only one project related to trade facilitation in the Great Lakes Region will be supported. . According to the World Bank Burundi, the cancelation of other projects doesn’t concern the Burundian government only.

“About 25 projects submitted by the Sub-Saharan African countries to the World Bank, only three projects have been maintained”, said Innocent Nsabimana, Spokesman for World Bank Burundi adding that Burundi is among the beneficiaries of those projects.

The canceled regional projects include those related to the transformation of agriculture in East and Central Africa, LIVEMP III, transport through Lake Tanganyika, the regional project on the environmental management of Lake Tanganyika, accelerated regional integration project of the East African Community, the Ruzizi III hydroelectric development project.

The World Bank finances projects in Burundi that support agriculture, community development, education, electricity, healthcare, HIV/AIDS treatment, transport, and a better access to water.

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