Women urged to join parties to be sufficiently represented in decision-making

Women leaders urge other women to join political parties to be adequately represented in decision-making bodies. They believe that responsibility positions are occupied by influential members of political parties.

Members of Women and Peace Network attending a meeting in Bujumbura

Women leaders regret that women are not adequately represented. According to a study conducted by Women and Peace Network, “women are represented at 18% in public institutions and decision-making bodies.” They are not satisfied since Burundi Constitution stipulates that women must be represented at 30%.
“Our goal is to be represented at 50%. But, we do not even attain the 30% provided for by the Constitution,” said Marguerite Bukuru, a member of Women and Peace Network in a meeting held with women leaders on April 11, 2019.

Honorable Vestine Mbundagu says that women are not sufficiently represented in decision-making bodies because they do not participate in political parties. “Key positions are occupied by influential members of political parties,” she says. For her, participating in women’s associations is not enough to hold responsibility positions in the country.

Mrs Alice Nzomukunda, chairperson of the Alliance for Democracy and Renewal (ADR) party says women will not occupy important positions unless they actively participate in political parties. She urges women leaders to support each other. “Even women who do not want to join political parties have to participate in the upcoming 2020 elections as political actors in order compete for important posts,” says Nzomukunda.