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Wings of Hope for Africa, to overcome poverty in Burundi

People from Nyarumanga site-Buterere Commune salute the support of Wings of hope for Africa “WHA”, a Canadian Humanitarian Organization.-By Yves Didier Irakoze

anvier Sibomana (left) and Jeanne Minani with her children standing near her goats donated by WHA  ©Iwacu

anvier Sibomana (left) and Jeanne Minani with her children standing near her goats donated by WHA ©Iwacu

“I was really very harshly suffering from tuberculosis. Then, Wings of Hope for Africa supported me and assisted me till I recovered. Now I feel better,” points out Dieudonné Miburo, a father living at Nyarumanga site. Jeanne Minani, a mother of five children on her side thanks the organization for having provided a goat to his son. She reveals that the cattle help her get manure for her field of vegetables. She also cultivates harvests, sells at the market to get money and keeps for herself what she needs at home. “The organization also assists my children to cure them some worm diseases thanks to the insurance card that enables us to get access to that medical care,” highlights Minani.
Révocate Ntirampeba, a widow with five children says that WHA comes at the right time for her children. She expresses that now her children go to school thanks to the school kit provided by the organization. The Representative responsible of a restricted area of ten houses, Bucumi Muronse, on his side owes much thanks to the organization for its various donations offered to the people from Nyarumanga site. Now, he says, the community reaches a great step and can manage to find solutions to some social and life problems.

Helping them to develop themselves

According to Janvier Sibomana, member of WHA in Burundi, our main objective is to support those people and encourage them to live like other people. The cost of the first one donation to sponsor a poor family in Buterere is approximately $120 and a second one- donation is$250. The latter covers school supplies, basic needs such as food, school uniforms, and a health care card which allows the poor children to access medical services such as consultations or check- ups at a lower rate than paying cash upfront each time.
“Some time ago, people of this community felt abandoned and neglected. As a matter of fact, their life entirely depended on garbage food. Then, we approached and helped them to avoid that mentality by providing them a small capital to start their business. Moreover, they were taught how to earn their living,” says Sibomana.
He adds that WHA has already assisted over 50 families and about 100 children. It has also assisted 12 families by helping them have lands to cultivate and providing them seeds while urging them to gather in associations to work more significantly. Furthermore, it intends to set up a project to teach them some handicrafts to develop their living conditions. “This project wishes to continue and also facilitate pupils to study near their living place for getting access to education and development more easily. We call upon other people to support this community,” he concludes.

Wings of Hope for Africa is a Canadian registered charity which was founded in 2011. Its mandate is to make a difference in the lives of people in Africa. It dedicates its resources towards building a society where basic needs are met for life and work with children and poor families where it moves towards enabling them to overcome poverty. It is operational at Buterere site since 2 years.