Which Uprona should participate in negotiations?

Uprona wing not recognized by the government claims its place in the on-going negotiations. Other Uprona wings’ representatives criticise the demand.

Charles Nditije:“Uprona of the opposition and Cnared member is the right party to participate in negotiations”

Charles Nditije:“Uprona of the opposition and Cnared member is the right party to participate in negotiations”

In a declaration made public this 23rd August 2017, Charles Nditije, the Chairman of one of the Uprona wings, not recognized by the Home Affairs Ministry, demands that his party be invited to take part in the on-going negotiations.

He says his party, also member of Cnared, is the one that was mandated by competent authorities to represent Uprona in all leading bodies including peace talks. He exposes a number of reasons why his party is the right one to partake in the on-going talks.

Nditije says the other Uprona wing presided by Abel Gashatsi is not the appropriate party to represent Uprona. “This wing has no legitimacy to represent Uprona party. It is subservient to the ruling party Cndd-Fdd and therefore its political positions can be sufficiently expressed by Cndd-Fdd”.

As for Uprona from Amizero y’Abarundi coalition, Nditije talks of a fraud referring to the constitution according to which the coalition has to disappear after election. “This means that if Ngayimpenda and his acolytes are still working in the name of Amizeroy’Abarundi coalition, it is a pure and simple political scam. For him, this wing cannot participate in the negotiations on behalf of Uprona party”.

Nditije appeals to supporters from the two other wings who have been abused to join their former comrades so that they work together for the general interest of the nation.

He demands all the supporters to stay serene and stand together for unity, justice and development ideals.


Abel Gashatsi: “Uprona party is not led in exile”

Abel-Gashatsi-1-300x277Abel Gashatsi, chairperson of Uprona which is officially recognized by the government thinks that Charles Nditije is out of his mind. “If I see what he has said, I can say that he does not know what he is doing.He said we are subservient to Cndd-Fdd and he even disqualifies his former comrades like Ngayimpenda and Tatien, which is not a good thing”, says Abel Gashatsi.

He also says they were elected and are performing their duties as Uprona party leaders. “We were elected in a congress in Gitega and we are recognised by the constitution. We are together with all Badasigana. We work closely”.
“In few words, Charles Ntitije no longer knows what to say. He abandoned the party, joined different factions or coalitions…today we don’t know what he is doing. He has to know that Uprona party is not likely to be led in exile”, says Gashatsi.

Tatien Sibomana: “Uprona was founded by Prince Louis Rwagasore and he is no longer alive”

Tatien-Sibomana-2-300x265Tatien Sibomana,one if the leaders of Uprona from Amizeroy’Abarundi coalition, says Charles Nditije is no longer the president of Uprona party but a chairman of Cnared. “He was the president of Uprona Party till January 2017. The executive committee took a decision to dismiss him from his position as a president for different reasons on 22nd January 2017. According to Article 39, the party is chaired by his deputy who is Professor Evariste Ngayimpenda”, says Sibomana.

He reminds that Uprona founders are no longer alive. “If a president misbehaves, he can be replaced”. He says the party works according to the regulations that govern it. “We abide by the rules. If we are in a coalition or somewhere else, what’s essential is that we agree upon it”.