Victims of floods are supported, says Human Rights Minister

Martin Nivyabandi, Minister of Human Rights, Gender and Social Affairs has said victims of floods that hit Bujumbura city and Cibitoke province have received assistance. “Different humanitarians intervene since natural disasters that have caused causalities hit some localities,” said Minister Nivyabandi. It was during the presentation of his ministry’s half-yearly achievements that he marked 98% this January 9.

Martin Nivyabandi: “Different humanitarians intervene since natural disasters hit some localities leaving behind several victims”

Martin Nivyabandi has also said the victims of a landslide that hit Cibitoke province at the beginning of December are now in temporary shelters and will soon receive their homes. “We are working with the local administration to mobilize local residents including members of political parties and religious denominations to erect walls of their houses”, he said adding that the government is ready to provide sheets to cover their houses.

Concerning the victims of “Winterekwa” and Buterere” neighborhoods, in the north of Bujumbura city, Minister Nivyabandi has said the government is looking for means to accommodate those families in appropriate shelters.

The official report published on December 23, reported 15 dead and 45 injured. 57 houses were completely destroyed, 57 others partially demolished and 132 were flooded in “Winterekwa” and Nyabagere neighborhoods. On December 5, at least 26 people were killed by a landslide triggered by heavy rains in northwestern Burundi.