UPRONA party factions far from reuniting…

UPRONA party commemorates the 56th anniversary after its victory on 18th September 1961. It is currently divided into three factions which seem to be far from becoming one again.

Prince Louis Rwagasore, UPRONA party founder and hero of Burundi independence

Prince Louis Rwagasore, UPRONA party founder and hero of Burundi independence

Though every faction claims to be the UPRONA that follows the legacy of Rwagasore, they all recognize their division.

After 56 years of a crushing victory of the party which led to the independence of Burundi, all of the three factions salute the courage of the leaders of UPRONA party of the time.

Abel Gashatsi, chairperson of Uprona which is officially recognized by the government says there are some members who have abandoned the party for different reasons. However, he appeals to all Badasigana (members of UPRONA) to work together for the bright future of the whole party. “We have to work together and strengthen our party. We are in process of getting together so that we win the 2020 elections”.

Charles Nditije, Chairman of one of the Uprona wings, not recognized by the Home Affairs Ministry, says Uprona party is divided because of some members who went against the ideologies of Prince Louis Rwagasore. “Some of the Uprona party members followed CNDD-FDD party for their own interests at the expense of the prince’s ideologies”.

Charles Nditije still hopes for a reuniting of the party sooner or later. He says Rwagasore and his team worked in tougher conditions and were able to overcome thanks to determination and perseverance “Rwagasore’s struggle was more fierce than the today’s. He fought white people’s ideologies. How can’t we win since we are fighting against the policies of our fellow Burundian Nkurunziza?”

As for Tatien Sibomana, spokesperson for another Uprona faction which is not officially recognized by the government, Uprona party was divided by individual calculation and selfishness of some people. He appeals to all Badasigana to be united and follow Rwagasore’s ideologies which led to the independence of the country.”

September 18 is a memorable date to all the Badasigana (Uprona party members) as it stands for an overwhelming victory of the party that led to Burundi independence on 1st July 1962.