Two people killed and five injured in grenade attack in Buyenzi

Two people died in a grenade attack by unknown people this 8th August 2017 in a bar located on the 7th avenue number 49 in Buyenzi zone of Bujumbura.

“The attacked bar is located in Buyenzi on the 7th avenue, number 49,”

“The attacked bar is located in Buyenzi on the 7th avenue, number 49,”

It was around 8 P.M. when unknown people threw two grenades in a bar where people were drinking as usual. One did not explode and the one which exploded caused two deaths and 5 injuries “A man who was in the bar died on the spot another one has succumbed to his injuries later at the hospital. Five others have been injured and are currently in hospital for treatment”, said Sefu Madanganyo, Head of Buyenzi II quarter.

Police agents proceeded with the explosion of the other grenade which did not explode this Wednesday at 9.30 AM, after warning the neighbouring population.

Sefu Madaganyo says security should be reinforced especially in public spaces and during night.”Security needs to be strengthened, and night patrols are needed to ensure that perpetrators do not continue to disturb security. We have begun investigations in collaboration with security agents”.

Witnesses claim that the people who committed the attack were in a Probox car. “They first shot in the air before they threw the grenade. The attackers drove off immediately after the explosion”, said one witness.

Some people complain about the lack of electricity. They say it facilitates these criminals “They take advantage of the darkness and commit these crimes. We appeal to the authorities to solve this problem of power cut”, said a young woman.

According to sources on the spot, this attack probably targeted a group of policemen who were seen in the neighbourhood of the bar. “They attacked few minutes after the policemen’s departure. Probably they were the target”