Two American corners to reinforce and strengthen English

About two months ago, two American Corners opened their doors at Bujumbura Capital. Today, the number of visitors is increasing day by day and Burundians are more and more interested- by Diane Uwimana

American-Corner, Kamenge Campus ©Iwacu

American-Corner, Kamenge Campus ©Iwacu

Some are concentrated on books while others are connected to computers. Everybody is required to keep silent. All the visitors seem to be very busy at the American Corner of Kamenge campus.

It is open to everyone who likes reading and research. Looking at the shelves, we find various kinds of books related to management, economics and finance, medicine and health, information and technology, literature and fiction, children, reference … “Everyone is satisfied according to their needs”, states the American Corner’s responsible of Kamenge campus.

He indicates that the center gives useful tools to anyone who wants to enrich his or her knowledge. “Look inside the books, you should travel around the world without moving from here”, he recalls.

The thought is shared by, Jeanne d’Arc Gayeya from Light University : “Within the different documentation and literature, we are aware of what is happening outside and it helps us to be open to the world,” says Gayeya.

Paul Nkurunziza, a student at the University of Burundi, met at Kamenge Campus, highlights the importance of the Center in terms of research: “since it has opened its doors in June, making research has become easier and easier due to free and full networking”.

Moreover, he continues that the discussion table and movies organized every Monday and Wednesday respectively, allow them to develop their oral expression.

“Everyone who comes here must say something while analysing or commenting on any activity that is being discussed or debated”, indicates the American corner’s responsible at Kamenge Campus.

“The feedback is there”

There are two American Corners already opened since June 2013 : one at the “Office Burundais des Droits d’Auteurs” (OBDA) Burundi Copyrights Authority) at Kinindo Commune and another at Kamenge Campus.

A great number of visitors state that they are very interested in reading and mutual interaction. At the OBDA American Corner, there are about 300 visitors per day while at Kamenge campus there is an average of 50 visitors since its opening. According to David Hicuburundi who is responsible of the American Corner at OBDA, most of visitors are compelled to be connected in a rush because they have only one hour to give place to others.

It is the same case at Kamenge Campus where there is a software tool which is renewed after one hour for the same user only when there aren’t many visitors who want to be connected.

At the two Corners, there is a schedule that any visitor should respect from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 min pm, planned in this way:
Monday : Discussion table / Tuesday : Free reading / Wednesday : Movies (analysis and comments) / Thursday : Free reading / Friday : English club.Those who would like to write and read, should be inspired through the American Corners as they are open to everyone, says the information resources centre agents at both American corners.