Trade ministry concerned over poor quality of Brarudi beverages

At a press briefing held this October 4, Jean Marie Niyokindi, Minister of Trade has said it has been revealed that some Brarudi products are of poor quality. “Amstel, Primus, Royal and soft drinks have lost their original tastes,” said Mr. Niyokindi.

Jean Marie Niyokindi: “Brarudi Beverages have lost their
original tastes”

He has said a team of his ministry has carried out an inspection and found out that there is shortage of Brarudi beverages in different areas of the country. “In localities where they are available, they are of poor quality,” he says, adding that traders are currently speculating on the prices of Brarudi products.

The Burundian Minister of Trade calls on Brarudi Company to identify and control the potential biological and chemical hazards to the health of consumers.

“Brarudi should reinforce its analyses and controls to guarantee the quality of its products and meet the consumers’ expectations,” he says.

Jean Marie Niyokindi exhorts the Burundian office in charge of standardization and quality control-BBIN to play its role and make surprise inspections of Brarudi products on the market. “Brarudi should take this serious warning to produce good quality beverages”, he adds.

Iwacu has tried to get Brarudi Company’s reaction to the Minister’s remarks but to no avail.