Trade ministry concerned over poor quality of Brarudi beverages

10-04-2019 At a press briefing held this October 4, Jean Marie Niyokindi, Minister of Trade has said it has been revealed that some Brarudi products are of poor quality. “Amstel, Primus, Royal and soft drinks have lost their original tastes,” said Mr. Niyokindi. He has said a team of his (...)

Entrepreneurship in Burundi, emerging despite challenges

11-13-2018 During the celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week which started on Monday, 12th November, Burundi entrepreneurs have agreed that this sector is developing in the country despite challenges. Aimé Igiraneza, project manager at Burundi Business Incubator (BBIN) says their organization has supported more than 10,000 people since its beginning (...)

Entrepreneurship in Burundi: Not easy but possible…

11-14-2017 Despite various handicaps to entrepreneurship in Burundi such as the limited access to finance, lack of entrepreneurial spirit and the Burundian culture, some young Burundians have proved that entrepreneurship is possible. Allegria Nduwimana is a young entrepreneur who produces biodegradable packaging. Grown up in a club promoting the protection (...)

BBIN report reveals hotel occupancy rate in Burundi is 10%

11-07-2017 Pierre Claver Nduwumwami, Director General of Burundi Business Incubator, says the hotel occupancy rate is very low as the number of tourists who come to Burundi is very low. “The purchasing power of domestic customers who occupy rooms in hotels is low,” he says. He also says the tourism (...)

Burundian Youths are Able

06-17-2014 Gathered in Youth Entrepreneurs’ Park, Burundian youths have found out solutions in fighting against unemployment and creating their own jobs.-Diane Uwimana “Our main objective is to create long and sustainable jobs as youths constitute about 60% of the population. We want to promote entrepreneurship to youths,” says Emile Uwezowamungu, (...)

Soon a considerable improvement at BBN

11-30-2013 Trademark East Africa has offered equipment for physical/ chemical analysis laboratory to Burundian Bureau of Standards and Quality Control (BBN) as it always does for other EAC countries. Thanks to that, 34 parameters will be analyzed instead of 6.–By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse On 5th November 2013, Trade Mark East (...)

Tuko Pamoja: a School of Music and Arts in Bujumbura

11-21-2013 Created in April 2013 and working officially since September this year, this school is there to offer formal courses to people and train professionals in music – By Yves Didier Irakoze According to Claire Olivier Gatabazi, Chairperson of the Tuko Pamoja Association, the idea to create it, has been (...)

Youth Entrepreneurs’ Park: many hands make light work

10-02-2013 Burundian youth come across many problems related to unemployment and lack of fund. These issues have pushed some Burundian youth to stand together for praiseworthy solutions – By Diane Uwimana Citizens’ Will Motivated by the Spirit of Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship Volcan –Jeunesse is a NGO which has set up (...)