Three people injured in grenade attack in Cibitoke Zone

A grenade was thrown on the main road commonly called ‘Kurya Kanyoni’ crossing Cibitoke Zone, north of the Burundian capital in the night of 25 February. On-site sources say three people were seriously wounded while one victim was slightly injured. The police and local administration say only three people were injured following the attack.

“Kurya Kanyoni” road where the grenade attack took place

“Kurya Kanyoni” road where the grenade attack took place

“We were still at work around 9:00 pm when we heard a grenade explosion on the main road next to the 15th Avenue in Cibitoke neighborhood. One of the hairdressers was hit by the grenade shrapnel,” says a hairdresser met near the place where the attack took place.

He also says the security forces quickly intervened and evacuated the wounded persons to the hospital.

He says an attendant of a gas station located near the place where the grenade was thrown and two other people who were crossing the main road were also injured.

This Cibitoke resident calls on the government to strengthen security in that area. “In this pre-election period, we worry that similar attacks will be carried out. We demand that security be increased,” he says.

Félix Nsabimana, the chief of Cibitoke Zone, reports that the attack did not cause enormous damage arguing that wounded people are receiving treatment. He indicates that the alleged perpetrator of this attack was arrested just after the attack. He appeals to the inhabitants of Cibitoke area to have identity cards and engage in strengthening security.

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