Rumonge: Flood victims in “Mayengo” site deplore harsh living conditions

08-23-2018 About 200 families, victims of floods that hit Muhuta and Bugarama communes of Rumonge southern province in February 2018, still ask for assistance. They say they do not have a shelter and plots to cultivate. Recently, they have been moved from “Cashi” to Mayengo site in Rumonge Commune. They (...)

Hunger, main hindrance to education

06-14-2017 On 15 June every year, the world celebrates the World Day against Hunger. This year, the day comes, while hunger has become a barrier to education in Burundi. In Kirundo northern Province, school drop-outs are almost observed in all schools. This is due to hunger prevailing in families. “There (...)

Itaba population suffers from hunger due to long dry season

01-19-2017 Adolphe Nshimumuremyi, Administrator of Itaba commune in Gitega central province, has said this Thursday 19 January 2017, that the long dry season is the root cause of the lack of food in their commune. The population is being sensitized to new measures to fight hunger, local administration says. “At (...)

Four people died from hunger in Bubanza Province

01-18-2017 The fields are dry due to drought caused by the shortage of rain in Bubanza western province of Burundi. Four people have already died since the past two weeks. Serious measures will be taken if the situation persists, government say. “I have nothing to eat. I have only legumes (...)

Burundi: the hungriest country in the world? A review of the indicators

10-27-2014 The level of hunger in Burundi is “extremely alarming” according to theInternational Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). In this light, it might seem surprising that the government recently withdrew BIF 900 million from the agricultural sector.-By Diane Uwimana The IFPRIcombines three equally weighted indicators: the proportion of people who are (...)

Burundi tops Global Hunger Index

10-18-2014 Sixteen countries have alarming levels of hunger, with Burundi the worst affected, according to an annual index released on Monday 13 October. Burundi tops the Global Hunger Index for the third year in a row.-From Reuters The report further reveals that 2 billion people worldwide suffer from “hidden hunger”.Hidden (...)