Itaba population suffers from hunger due to long dry season

Adolphe Nshimumuremyi, Administrator of Itaba commune in Gitega central province, has said this Thursday 19 January 2017, that the long dry season is the root cause of the lack of food in their commune. The population is being sensitized to new measures to fight hunger, local administration says.

A plantation of beans affected by drought

A plantation of beans affected by drought

“At different markets, we have seen that there is no food. If you find it, it is very expensive. Ruheke area has been most affected by drought. We fear citizens will die of hunger”, says the administrator.

One of Gitega inhabitants says on condition of anonymity that the long dry season is the main cause of hunger in their province. “It is not only Itaba commune that is affected by hunger, but also the whole province. The dry season has been longer than usual. The rainy season which normally starts in September, has begun three months later”, he says.

Itaba Commune Head says the administration is sensitizing the population to the implementation of new measures to find solution to the problems caused by drought.

The first measure is to plant seeds which resist drought such as sweet potatoes, cassava, etc. The second is to irrigate the fields. “There are rivers in many parts of the country, but people seem to ignore the importance of irrigation. The population should also avoid wasting food”, he says.

The consequences of dry season are also observed in different provinces of the country like Bubanza in the west, where four people have already died of hunger.