CENI to plead for easy access to documents required for upcoming elections

02-09-2020 The Independent National Electoral Commission held on 7 February a meeting with representatives of political parties as well as independents who will participate in the upcoming elections scheduled for May 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the application guidelines for candidates. All politicians have raised the (...)

Politicians diverge on code of conduct for 2020 elections

12-24-2019 Abdul Kassim, Chairman of UPD Zigamibanga party says the code of conduct signed by leaders of political parties in Kayanza province, this December 23, will contribute to the smooth running of the 2020 elections. He also says its contents come from different views made by leaders of political parties (...)

Thirty CNL party members arrested in Ngozi within four days

11-14-2019 Térence Manirambona, Spokesperson for CNL party said at least 30 CNL party members from Marangara, Gashikanwa and Nyamurenza communes in Ngozi province have been arrested and detained in communal dungeons since 10 November. “All CNL leaders from those localities were also detained”, he said adding that one party member (...)

Burundi: About BIF 70 billion to be used in 2020 elections

06-06-2018 Domitien Ndihokubwayo, Burundi Minister of Finances and Planning has said the amount necessary for the 2020 elections is about BIF 70 billion. He says this amount is indicative of the fact that the National Independent Electoral Commission- CENI is collecting all the kits used in the 17 May referendum (...)

Over 2 billion Burundian Francs already available for 2020 elections

03-23-2018 One of the questions asked during the public conference held on this 23March 2018 in Gitega Province was about the management of the contributions to 2020 elections. One person asked about who and how the contributions to 2020 elections and the upcoming referendum are managed. Desire Musharitse, The spokesperson (...)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission faces several problems.

12-13-2017 During a media synergy on the achievements of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) three years after its establishment, Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, its chairman has recognised this Tuesday that the commission faces several challenges. The National Commission for the Truth and Reconciliation was created in December 2014 with (...)

Many irregularities in voter registration process

12-08-2014 The Civil Society Coalition for Election Monitoring (COSOME) has called for the suspension of the registration process, due to irregularities related to the distribution of identity cards. The Minister of Home Affairs has admitted there are problems, but deems it unnecessary to stop the process.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse The (...)

Budget cuts to finance the election process

10-24-2014 The President signed a decree withdrawing BIF 7,400 million from the budget and transferring it to the 2015 election process. The decree was signed on August 30, but was not made public until last week.-J.Berchmans Siboniyo Complaints and consternation fill the hearts of the beneficiaries. Cecile Ntahondereye, the Headmistress (...)

Symposium about Good 2015 Elections in Burundi

09-18-2013 The Burundian Association of Africa Center for Strategic Studies (ABUCESA) in partnership with the US Embassy in Burundi and Africa Center for Strategic Studies (CESA), has organized a two- day symposium towards targeted groups especially security forces, media and youth about their role for good 2015 elections at King’s (...)