Politicians diverge on code of conduct for 2020 elections

Abdul Kassim, Chairman of UPD Zigamibanga party says the code of conduct signed by leaders of political parties in Kayanza province, this December 23, will contribute to the smooth running of the 2020 elections. He also says its contents come from different views made by leaders of political parties in a meeting organized by the Ministry of Home Affairs. “We agreed to respect the results of the elections and report irregularities according to the law”, says Kassim adding that there is no way to organize insurrection after the elections.

Abdul Kassim/Gaspard Kobako

Gaspard Kobako, Spokesperson for CNDD party says there is a need to ensure the implementation of the code of conduct. “We often sign agreements but respecting them remains a big challenge”, he says adding that he was not invited to the meeting even though he attended it and signed the code of conduct.

Pierre Claver Nahimana, Chairman of Sahwanya Frodebu party says leaders of political parties must respect the code of conduct and take part in the organization of meetings. “If it has been done in the strict respect of law, the Home Affairs Ministry and administration officials shouldn’t hamper the activities organized by political parties”, he says.

Tharcisse Niyongabo, Assistant to and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Home Affairs said the code of conduct signed by political parties will regulate all misunderstandings that should occur between political parties. In addition, he said, this code of conduct will guide politicians how they should behave before and after the electoral process.