Five political parties to work in coalition for 2020 election

Jean De Dieu Mutabazi, RADEBU party chairman has said five different political parties intend to work together in the upcoming electoral process. For him, the members of the coalition are from different ideologies including those from President Melchior Ndadaye, the democratic hero, Remy Gahutu and Prince Louis Rwagasore, the independence hero. “We want to work together to win enough seats in the National Assembly,” said Mutabazi adding that the process is ongoing to form the coalition.

Jean De Dieu Mutabazi: “We want to work together to win enough seats in the National Assembly”.

Those political parties are RADEBU, FROLINA, PMP, MSP Inkinzo… “Our struggle will focus on social and economic issues to compete in the 2020 electoral process,” he said. He also says the coalition members will continue fighting for sustainable democracy, national unity and sovereignty. “The coalition is open to everybody”, he concluded.

Members of the coalition to be formed are former members of the Coalition of Political Parties for a Participatory Opposition-COPA that was created in 2015. It was constituted by ten political parties including RADEBU, MSP, PRP, Kaze-FDD, PMP, PML, FROLINA, RPB, PL and FNL-“Iragi rya Gahutu Remy”. “There was a conflict among members of the coalition but now we hope to do something to find solutions,” said RADEBU chairman.