Outbreak of cholera in Rukaramu area

10-09-2019 At least fourteen people from Rukaramu area in Mutimbuzi commune of Bujumbura province have contracted cholera since last week. Two people have already died of this disease which is spreading fast due to a serious lack of drinking water in the locality. Residents of Kigwati I and Kigwati II (...)

Rumonge: Waste management poses problem without dump

06-12-2019 Waste from households or units extracting palm oil and the lack of latrines in some public places are the main concerns expressed by the population during an exchange meeting organized by “Yaga Burundi” association. The commune promises the establishment of a dumpDue to the lack of a dump, wastes (...)

Four cholera cases detected in Rugombo since beginning of week

06-07-2019 Sources report that there has been a cholera outbreak in Mparambo and Munyika areas in Rugombo commune of Cibitoke province in the north west of Burundi since the beginning of the week. Four people have already caught this disease caused by the lack of clean water. “We are all (...)

Cibitoke population faces shortage of clean water crisis

04-10-2019 Shortage of safe drinking water in Cibitoke province has been observed in many communes of this western province since early March 2019. They call on the Burundian company in charge of supplying water and electricity- REGIDESO to handle the issue before they catch diseases caused by the lack of (...)

Four deaths in Kagwema due to cholera

09-14-2017 Two kids, a 17 year-old man and a 60 year-old man have already died in a week due to cholera disease in Kagwema area of Gihanga Commune in Bubanza western Province. Quentin Marc Ngendakumana, chief of Kagwema hill, says the symptoms of the affected people are diarrhea and vomiting. (...)

Nyanza-Lac : 13 suspected cases of Cholera detected

08-23-2017 Thirteen suspected cases of Cholera have been recorded in Nyanza-Lac Commune of Makamba southern province of Burundi since 18 August. Nyanza-Lac residents say the lack of clean water for the past two weeks is the main cause of the disease. All 13 suspected cases of cholera are receiving treatment (...)

Combating cholera in Burundi: Isn’t prevention better than control?

01-10-2017 Efforts against cholera in Burundi are reactive rather than preventive which makes the eradication of the epidemic impossible. Cholera has affected more than 130 people in Rugombo, Cibitoke western province from 21 December 2016. Rugombo is the latest of the multiple occurrences of the epidemic that has been, from (...)

Cholera contained in Cibitoke Province…

01-05-2017 “Out of 31 people who were infected by cholera in Cibitoke district, 11 have now recovered and fortunately no one died”, says Dr Thaddée Ndikumana, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. He says the situation is under control, the program for fight against epidemic diseases has enough medications. “Patients (...)

Cholera worsens the living conditions of Kinogono pit-dwellers

10-30-2016 Most of the busy tradesmen and women who pass through Minago every day, a rural area in the province of Rumonge, south west of Burundi, have no clue that a community of their countrymen live in dreadful depravation beneath their feet. Out of sight of the road, at the (...)

Mugoboka: Lack of clean water threatens residents

10-05-2016 Two people died in Mugoboka neighborhood, Rohero urban zone, in the center of the Burundian capital. Residents suspect cholera outbreak. They evoke the lack of drinking water as they consume water fetched from the Ntahangwa River. Both Generose Nkeshimana and Claude Bucumi, died on Thursday 28 September, 2016. They (...)