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“Burundians must be vigilant about child mistreatment”, says child rights watchdog

The police have arrested Evariste Minani, 48, a widower from Gitwa Hill, Gatsinda area of Mwumba commune in Ngozi Province, accusing him of raping his 18 old-year daughter. Since 8 March, he is jailed in Ngozi judicial police dungeon. Emmanuel Ndayizeye, administrator of Mwumba Commune says the perpetrator was caught in a secret place with his daughter Evelyne Habonimana, who became his wife, on the Akanyaru River on the border between Burundi and Rwanda.

Jacques Nshimirimana: “The perpetrator must be punished according to the law”

Jacques Nshimirimana: “The perpetrator must be punished according to the law”

He also says Minani is accused of incest and having raped his daughter with whom he had a baby last January that was subsequently slaughtered and then given to the dog. He is also charged with raping his own three girls among them the first one is 10, the second is 5 and half while the third one died a month ago.

Emmanuel Ndayizeye says a medical expertise conducted, confirmed this rape. Désiré Bizimana, Prosecutor in Ngozi Province says he is impatiently waiting for the case. “But as this is a heavy case crime, the trial should follow the procedure and meet the time limits of assignment in eight days”, he says.

Jacques Nshimirimana, Chairman of the Federation of Associations involved in the child rights-FENADEB says the child rights watchdog is shocked hearing that there are still such people who mistreated their own children and destroy the society. Nshimirimana says the perpetrator will also be accused of other crimes. “Then, he must be punished according to the law”, he says.

The chairman of the child rights watchdog urges all Burundians to be more vigilant these days, as cases of children mistreatment are increasing day after day. Nshimirimana refers to different and dangerous crimes perpetrated against children such as beating them, cutting their arms or burning them alive.
For him, behavioral experts should contribute to analysis of the new phenomenon. “Children are raped and mistreated by those who are supposed to protect them”, he says.