Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana


Giheta: Disagreement on two monuments in memory of 1972 victims

10-01-2018 A new monument in memory of the victims of the genocide of Hutu ethnic group people in 1972 has just been erected in Nyambeho valley in Giheta, on the border between Gitega and Giheta communes. The surrounding population speaks about speculation. At the edge of Bujumbura-Gitega road, in the (...)

Memorial placard erected in Gitega province arouses controversies

09-26-2018 The association of survivals and victims of “genocide” perpetrated against “Hutu” ethnic group people before and after 1972 has erected a memorial placard in front of the entrance of Gitega commune since the last weekend to remember people killed during that period. Local administrative officials say they have not (...)

Victims of Burundi crises suffer painful past,study reveals

06-14-2018 In a study conducted by the American Services Committee in partnership with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR, victims of the tragic past testify that the latter affects their daily lives. Aloys Batungwanayo, a consultant who carried out the study, has said the past affects people in different ways. “There (...)

CVR: Towards framework for dialogue to consolidate synergy between politicians and security forces

02-16-2018 After three days of debates, participants urge the National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation-CVR to set a framework for dialogue between politicians and agents of security forces. Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, the chairman of the National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation says the framework will allow the participants to (...)

Truth and Reconciliation Commission faces several problems.

12-13-2017 During a media synergy on the achievements of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) three years after its establishment, Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, its chairman has recognised this Tuesday that the commission faces several challenges. The National Commission for the Truth and Reconciliation was created in December 2014 with (...)

TRC calls on local administration to protect discovered mass graves

09-08-2017 The results of the testimonies given in the two provinces (central provinces of Mwaro and Karuzi) over a period between 9 and 29 August gave a total of 4792 persons who were entrusted to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-TRC. Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, chairman of the commission says 1624 (...)

Bishop Jean-Louis Nahimana: “The administration will not steer our work”

04-10-2017 In recent days, some people have raised their voices denouncing cheating attempts that could jeopardize the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s independence in setting up its branches. Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, Chairman of the commission raises some ambiguities. Iwacu made an exclusive interview with him. Has the Truth and Reconciliation (...)

CVR going on testimonies gathering stage

07-30-2016 The announcement was made this Thursday, 28 July, in Bujumbura by Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, the Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR), in a press conference. “Awaiting the establishment of provincial offices, we decided to deploy a group of CVR commissioners to the ground to gather testimonies (...)