CVR: Towards framework for dialogue to consolidate synergy between politicians and security forces

After three days of debates, participants urge the National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation-CVR to set a framework for dialogue between politicians and agents of security forces. Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, the chairman of the National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation says the framework will allow the participants to avoid all misunderstandings between them and consolidate their synergy.

Participants in the meeting say they wish to meet regularly

Participants in the meeting say they wish to meet regularly

“They will meet regularly and discuss their major challenges for peace restoration in Burundi”, he says. He also says it is the first meeting organized to gather both parties. “We previously met separately. Then, it was an occasion to urge them to confront their problems”, he says. Bishop Nahimana says their recommendations will be considered to set a framework for dialogue. “We will submit these recommendations to the government authorities and look for partners to support the establishment of the framework,” he says.

Colonel Njejimana, a participant in the meeting from the Ministry of Defense the objectives and goals of the security forces and politicians are divergent, “the reason why there is a need to establish a framework for dialogue to regularly share views and opinions”. The same view is shared by Abdul Kassim, chairman of UPD-Zigamibanga party. He says the framework will allow them to work in synergy.

“Not only will we have to avoid misunderstandings, but also we will express the major concerns that hinder the country’s development,” he says.

Léonce Ngendakumana, deputy chairman of Sahwanya FRODEBU party, says the framework will allow all politicians including political opponents to express their opinions. “It will be the first forum that will gather all pro-government and opposition politicians and the security forces. Then, their views should be considered to consolidate and restore peace and security in the country,” he says.

The three-day meeting was organized under the theme “Injured memories towards a common dream: synergy between political parties and agents of security forces in the capacity building of the population resilience”.