Scarcity of Amstel Beer and Amstel Bock in Bujumbura

07-25-2019 Consumers of Amstel Beer and Amstel Bock are worried about the shortage of their favorite drinks. They urge competent authorities to resolve the issue. “I have not found my favorite drink ‘Amstel Beer’ for over a month. It is no longer available in several bars in Bujumbura, “says Jimmy (...)

Who are vandals?

07-23-2019 Tensions are running higher between members of the ruling party CNDD-FDD and those of CNL party in Murungurira area of Ntega commune in Kirundo province in the north of Burundi. Houses were vandalized on the night of Sunday, July 14. Both sides blame each other. The municipal administrator reassures. (...)

Over 50 restaurants temporarily closed at Bujumbura City Market

07-18-2019 More than 50 restaurants located along Bujumbura City Market commonly known as ‘Chez Sion’ were closed in the morning of July 17. Restaurant owners have implemented the decision of the Bujumbura Mayor to close restaurants and bar that neither have drinking water nor toilets. “We have not opened restaurants (...)

Shortage of some BRARUDI products in Bujumbura

05-22-2019 Some drinks manufactured by Burundi brewery company (BRARUDI) are not available on the market. The store owners of BRARUDI products located in Nyakabiga zone in Bujumbura city have not distributed some drinks such as Amstel Royal, Amstel Beer 65cl as well as Amstel Bock for two weeks. These very (...)

Curfew on women arouses controversy

05-21-2019 The administrator of Musongati commune in Rutana province took the measure prohibiting any woman from entering a bar or market after 7 p.m. without being accompanied by her husband. Women oppose the measure while men exult. “Some women get drunk, commit adultery and thus destabilize their homes …” explained (...)

AIDS orphans confronted with financial problems

05-08-2019 On the occasion of the celebration of the World AIDS Orphans’ Day, Burundian AIDS orphans say they are faced with poverty. “My parents died of AIDS five years ago. My two little sisters and I live at our aunt’s house. She is poor and cannot afford school fees for (...)

Three people killed last weekend

04-16-2019 A body of Jean Claude Ndihokubwayo was found in the morning of April 15 in Bujumbura city center. He was killed in the night of April 14, says Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security. The victim worked in a bar and allegedly stole BIF 100,000 from (...)

One killed with machete and two others injured in grenade attack in Kirundo

03-26-2019 Amember of the National Congress for Liberty party-CNL has been killed with machete while two others were injured in grenade attack respectively in Busoni and Kirundo communes of Kirundo Province, in the north of the country. In the night of March 2019, Aimable Ndayizeye, a member of the youth (...)

Karusi: prices of Brarudi drinks soar due to closure of Mega SSD

01-31-2019 The prices of Brarudi products have been increased in Karusi province since the end of last December. The closure of the local Mega SSD would be the root cause. Théodosie Cishahayo is the representative of Mega SSD Karusi. This fifty- year-old widow who says to have lived in Karusi (...)

Eight wounded in grenade attack in Buterere

01-29-2019 At least eight people have been seriously wounded in a grenade attack by an unknown perpetrator in a bar commonly known as « Chez Egide Nduwayo » on 9th avenue in Buterere zone of Ntahangwa commune, in the north of the capital Bujumbura. “It was around 7:40 p.m. in (...)