Shortage of some BRARUDI products in Bujumbura

Some drinks manufactured by Burundi brewery company (BRARUDI) are not available on the market. The store owners of BRARUDI products located in Nyakabiga zone in Bujumbura city have not distributed some drinks such as Amstel Royal, Amstel Beer 65cl as well as Amstel Bock for two weeks. These very products are not sold in most of bars of Nyakabiga and Bwiza zones.

Some BRARUDI products are not available on the marke

Wholesalers say they do not know the reasons for the shortage of these drinks. “We place an order for all BRARUDI beverages as usual, but we are supplied with lemonades and PRIMUS beer only,” says a wholesaler from Nyakabiga neighborhood, adding that if they ask BRARUDI trade commissioners what is happening, the latter say “they do not know the cause of this shortage of some products.”

The shortage of some BRARUDI products is also reported in the south of Bujumbura city. In Kinanira neighborhood, the stores owners of BRARUDI products have not distributed Amstel Beer 65 cl and Amstel Bock for more than three weeks, sources say.

Consumers of BRARUDI products complain. “I have no choice. I am forced to consume the drinks that are not my preference, “says J. N, an inhabitant of Kinanira. His favorite drink which is Amstel Bock has not been available on the market for more than three weeks.

He urges BRARUDI to solve the problem as soon as possible. “Consumers are BRARUDI partners. They should be informed in case a problem arises.” He deplores the fact that BRARUDI has not issued a statement informing its customers about the cause of the shortage of some of its products.

“This leads some bar owners to increase the price of some drinks,” says J.N. He indicates that the small bottle of PRIMUS beer commonly known as ‘Bajou’ which is officially bought at BIF 1,100 is currently bought at BIF 1400 in some bars of Kinanira neighborhood due to speculations.
Contacted, BRARUDI did not want to make a comment on the issue.