Summer camps in Bujumbura

On 1 August, the education minister along with the UNICEF representative in Burundi officially launched summer camps for 10,000 children and young people of Bujumbura.

The Education minister and UNICEF representative launching the Summer Camps activities

The Education minister and UNICEF representative launching the Summer Camps activities

International organizations like the UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP and the United Nations Volunteers program came together to support the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research and the local authorities in the summer camps launch for 10,000 children and youth in Bujumbura city.

Organized for the first time in Burundi, that initiative will take place in 20 school sites in the Burundian capital from August 1st to September 1st . It will allow children and youth aged between 6 and 18 to participate in games and recreational activities and gain daily life skills such as non-violent communication and peace education.

“Given the current crisis in Burundi, these summer camps are an opportunity to equip children and young people with a healthy and protective space which will enable them to develop their talents and skills and share moments of friendship,” mentions Sophie Leonard , UNICEF representative in Burundi.

She put it that children and young people represent over 60% of the Burundian population. For her, this is both an enormous potential and quite a challenge.” it is a challenge because we have the responsibility to equip children and young people with skills, particularly through a good education system to make them more prepared and become responsible adults of tomorrow.” She explains.

Janviere Ndirahisha, the education and scientific research minister says that this summer camp program is implemented after the Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza has officially launched activities of coaching camps for youth throughout the country in order to straighten them out as some of them are involved in illicit drugs, debauchery, acts of violence and any other bad behavior.

She mentions that a group of 400 teachers have been trained to supervise these children and young people who will be hosted in 20 sites in the capital Bujumbura.

” Since this is a summer holiday period, teachers will adopt a recreational approach through game activities, interact with children and young people about the challenges and conflicts they daily face and help them adopt positive attitudes that promote a culture of peace.” says Ndirahisha.