Seven provinces chosen for project on catastrophe prevention

At a press briefing held on August 21st, the national platform for risk prevention and catastrophe management has said seven provinces will be prioritized in the project to reduce natural catastrophes and promote community resilience.

Anicet Nibaruta calls on the Burundian population to protect the environment

Anicet Nibaruta, Executive Secretary of the platform says the project will be implemented in Muyinga, Bujumbura, Rumonge, Bubanza, Cibitoke, Kirundo provinces and Bujumbura city.

He says those provinces were chosen because they are mostly threatened by natural catastrophes.
He gives the example of Kirundo province which is often affected by drought. Other examples are Cibitoke and Rumonge provinces where cholera usually occurs at the beginning of the rainy season and Bujumbura province where landslides are often reported, he adds.
“We plan to buy fire trucks which will help to put out fire which often destroys forests in Burundi,” he adds.

Mr. Nibaruta says the platform plans to visit those provinces and will collaborate with the local administration to promote community resilience.
He calls on the population to protect the environment.

“We are determined to support the government of Burundi in the improvement of the population’s living conditions,” says Binta Sanneh, Deputy Country Director of UNDP in Burundi.

She says the project will enhance national capacities for catastrophe management and prevention. It should equip the country with resilience and adaptation to climate change, she adds.
“UNDP will also support the government in the development of community resilience, reduction of natural catastrophes and human life protection,” says Mrs. Sanneh.

Jean Marie Sabushimike, member of the national platform and expert in catastrophe management, says the problems posed by climate change and natural catastrophes are still serious.
He says Bujumbura city is still vulnerable to natural catastrophes. “There is still a lot to do to increase community resilience,” he adds.

The press briefing was held on the occasion of the launch of the project “Support for disaster risk reduction and community resilience in Burundi” initiated by the Ministry of Public Security and Catastrophe Management in collaboration with UNDP.
Over $13 million will be spent for the project which will be carried out from 2019 to 2023.