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Rights Commission deplores overcrowded prisons

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, Chairman of the National Independent Electoral Commission-CNIDH, says the commission visited 79 prisons in 2019. He also says the members of the Commission listened to 2413 detainees including 2055 men, 237 women, 116 young boys and 5 girls from different prisons. “154 detainees were released thanks to the Commission intervention,” he says. It was during the presentation of the 2019 CNIDH achievements at the National Assembly.

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba: “154 detainees were released thanks to the Commission intervention”

Nimuraba also deplores the imprisonment of 87 detainees that overpasses their detention period. “The prolonged detention was due to the delaying submission of the file complaints from courts to the prosecution, financial and transport issues,” he says adding that the exiguity of prisons compared to the number of detainees worsens the detention situation. He indicates 5224 out of 11464 detainees are in a preventive detention. He, however, appreciates the measures taken by the government to reduce the number of detainees.

Sixte Vigny Nimuraba has said 290 complaints were related to the violation of human rights, politics, child rights and other public and private services. “188 cases were handled despite some financial problems”, he says.

As for Léopold Hakizimana, the traditional justice contributed to the reduction of the number of detainees. “Different disputes should locally find solutions before being brought to justice”, he says.

MP Térence Manirambona has demanded the intervention of the rights commission in different cases of killings, political intolerance and destruction of party’s offices. The CNIDH Chairman has replied that the commission deals very carefully with each case of human rights violation reported.