Promoting English in Burundi

Thirty-three learners graduated in English training at Candle English Language Center this August 30. The graduates appreciate the project and call on all Burundians to join the English training centers throughout all the country.J.Berchmans Siboniyo

EACH Graduates very happy after receiving certificates ©Iwacu

EACH Graduates very happy after receiving certificates ©Iwacu

The learners are divided into groups. The adult learners have been learning English for six months. They have been following listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Grammar was not forgotten too. The junior teams are composed of secondary and primary school learners who spent two months during holidays. The ceremonies take place at St. Martin de Tours’ reception room. Salvator Minani, the Chairman of East African Candle of Hope (EACH) Association opens the ceremonies with a welcoming speech. He states that the objective of the Candle English Language Center is to promote English language and that people from different backgrounds who are eager to know the language would feel able to live everywhere English is spoken as a first or a second language. The perspectives of the association are to create a school for both young and adult persons whose programs will be in English language. As the schools grow, they will create the university teaching doing business and entrepreneurship in English. “That is our dream that our actions will achieve, and then we will live the dream”, he says.
Dismas Ndayikengurukiye, the Vice-chairman opened up a competition through poems for the secondary and primary pupils. The seniors engaged a debate. This competition was organized to show the invitees the skills they acquired during the training period. The three first contestants were given prizes.

Fidèle Niyungeko, the Representative of senior learners highlights the LOW level of many Burundians, either literate or illiterate. He boasts about the knowledge they now possess thanks to EACH. He goes on saying that his team will do their best to sensitize other Burundians to attend English training centers and view English as the future base. Yvette, a secondary school student who attended the training indicates that other students were busy watching TV and learn useless behavior, what was not the case for them. “We learned what will help us in the future. Through this training, we practiced the knowledge we have from school and we now view English as French. We are not afraid of any English speaking people”, she states.

Remy Havyarimana: “in the name of the guests here present, we are witness of the ongoing increase of entrepreneurship spirit within young people. We really appreciate the project and we believe in the fulfillment of the dreams you have. Where there is a will, there is a way. The future relies on English, so this should be the example of many heads of family who are in need of English but who don’t study it under pretext that they don’t have time whereas they spend it in the pubs”. After the speeches the certificates were delivered. The participants unanimously appreciated both the conditions they had been studying in and the certificates delivery ceremonies.
There are many English training centers in Bujumbura City Council and all over the country. Burundians should open their eyes and see where the world is heading. English is of a paramount importance in the future building.