President Pierre Nkurunziza calls on officials to strengthen security

President Pierre Nkurunziza met on May 7 in Mutaho commune of Gitega province in central Burundi, the administration, security, defense and justice officials to assess the prevailing security situation in the country.

Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza

Jean Claude Karerwa Ndenzako, spokesman for the president says” his boss is satisfied with the current security situation in general despite some cases of gender-based violence, armed robbery, swindle and false prophecy reported in various areas of the country.

According to Ndenzako, such crimes have always been observed in Burundi when elections are approaching. “The president ordered prison officials to seize the detainees’ mobile phones as they are used to disrupt security,” says the president’s spokesman.

Security officials also reported a new phenomenon emerging that is likely to cause insecurity. It is mainly observed in Ngozi, Bujumbura and Bubanza provinces where groups of dozens of people leave their native provinces to settle in other provinces.

The president called on the administration and security officials to strengthen the border security and fight against swindles and to closely monitor people’s movements to prevent them from disrupting peace and security. President Nkurunziza also urged security and administration officials to expel all foreigners living illegally on Burundi territory to their home countries.