Power price to increase in Burundi

Due to the power failure that regularly occurs in the country, the company in charge of supplying water and electricity [REGIDESO] now launches the new thermal power plant which will produce 30 Megawatts. Its generators will use between 150 and 160 thousand liters of oil per day.

The new thermal power plant will operate 18 hours a day

The new thermal power plant will operate 18 hours a day

Jéroboam Nzikobanyanka, Director General of REGIDESO says the thermal power plant will be used to light different places of the country as the major Rwegura thermal plant installed in Kayanza northern province doesn’t operate effectively. The latter provides 15 out of 34 megawatts used in the country.

Nzikobanyanka says the government has signed a convention with Interpetrol company that will supply electricity in ten years from 6a.m.until midnight. “The company provides 20 Megawatts that adds to the existing 10 others used by REGIDESO. From now on, all megawatts will be controlled by Interpetrol company”, says Nzikobanyanka.

He also says the new thermal plant will allow the rehabilitation of other thermal power plants. “The major Rwegura thermal plant would be temporarily suspended so that the level of water should be stabilized,” he says.

The Director General of REGIDESO says the price of electricity will be increased. For houses with low voltage, the cost of 50 kwh will increase from BIF 3400 to BIF 4100 while 150 Kwh that cost BIF 17200 will now cost BIF 33100.

Nzikobanyanka says house owners and institutions that will not have paid the company regularly will not be supplied with electricity from 30 September. He says it will take BIF 6 billion each month to keep the thermal power plant functioning.